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  1. Hi Guys, I bought the one from witham. I am looking for all kinds of documentation from this type of trailer. I have been told that these probably didn't have a separate handbook. But like I just said, everything on these trailers is useful to me. Does anyone know what the flap on the side of the trailer was used for? Also what was the lockable glass thing on front used for? (with the 'not for use on public highways text). Did they have a cover? (see pictures below, the straps to fasten a cover are there) Are the covers still for sale
  2. Wow, that is really nice mate! Take you time, when you are finished, could you send me a PM? CHEERS Finn
  3. Hi Mate, just got an email from Nick @ Blanchards. They only have the parts Manual of the Dutch Ambulances. I was looking for the UK Manual. But anyway, thanks for the tip! Finn
  4. They don't do that any more. I would have to contract someone else, which will be quite expensive.
  5. I have contacted the museum, but as I live in Germany at the moment, I will have to wait till my next holly day in the UK. But thanks for all the info! Cheers, Finn
  6. would be interesting to see some photos, too bad they have none in the listing..
  7. Brookland only has the Lightweigt and 101 books.. Noting Ambulance related. I will mail the REME Museum. Thanks for all your efforts so far.. this is more then I have hoped for! I downloaded the pdf from your links. Cheers! Finn
  8. Wow, thanks mate.. finally someone can tell me a name.. I have been asking around for years! Do you also know where I could obtain these? Cheers, Finn
  9. Does anyone know if there is a UK Manual or parts book or anything like that for the Series II / III Landrover Ambulance? I could only find pdf files for the LHD SIII Ambulance (Echolons) in the Dutch language. Is there anything in English out there? Cheers, Finn
  10. Unfortunately the tool came not out of a box which was assigned to a specific vehicle. The Allen keys go trough the plate where the numbers are on. And trough the plate underneath. If I unscrew them, I guess both 'rings' can turn. I have not the tools here to do this at the moment. there is one more allen key at the side (you can see it on the first picture, although its hard to see). This one holds the lower plate (where no numbers are on) together. The lower ring is open at one side. I made another picture.
  11. No history, no other numbers or markings.. I found it in a toolbox I bought from witham.
  12. Hi guys, a short introduction. My name is Finn, 26 yrs old. Have lived in Amsterdam. Currently I am based in Germany. My main interest are the British Military 109 / 110 Landrover. I currently own a 109 Ambulance. Using it as a camper.. Have travelled to the Chinese border in Kyrgystan, widely travelled Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and most European countries. About the car: ambulance.fotopic.net about me: http://www.finn-photography.com Cheers, Finn
  13. Good morning guys, has anyone got an idea what this tool is called. And what it is for? I found it in an Ex Mod tool box. The numbers you can see go from 1-8 Cheers, Finn
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