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Oooops, sucessful Withams bid.


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Just had share this one, a mate put in bids in Withams latest tender sale, mostly for useful stuff like a fork lift truck for his yard, some clansman spares etc. Just to fill up the form a bit he put in what he thought was a silly bid on a FH70 155mm gun.


Guess what he won, yes the FH70!!! Now panicking where he's going to put it as his yard is full.


He has too much money anyway having bought a Sabre CVR(T) recently and then had to spend £6k on a beavertail truck to carry it so getting it from Withams won't be a problem! All he needs now is the Foden limber.

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Jack, it's a sealed bid tender auction, you don't attend and have no idea what prices are going to be like. Also found out today that he put in a low bid on a Sabre for spares, won that as well!


Don't know about displaying the FH70, had a look at one at Military Oddysey and thought no thanks, setting it up looks like a recipe for losing limbs let alone fingers! We may do I suppose unless anyone wants a cheap FH70.

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Don't worry about setting up an FH70, they are very easy!

In service a crew of 8 could set them up in 2 minutes. Me and a helper can get mine set up in about 8-10 mins

I brought mine from Withams a few months ago, not in the Tender Sale though as I wanted one in full working order. It is!

I think all the ones in this Tender were complete but I don't think they were all runners.

The most important thing I have found is to lock the Trail Legs up BEFORE trying to move the gun. Failure to do this results in the ram braking and if the rams aren't fully up the gun can not be moved, most of them in the tender had at least one leaking ram

If your mate wants any help on setting the gun up,( there is an order to it get in wrong and it takes ages), just get him to contact me and I'll help him out.



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