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WW1 US army data and builders plates

Great War truck

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Over the years i have come across quite a few data/builders plates from US Army WW1 trucks. Not wanting to sound like a real anorak but i thought it might be of interest if i brought them all together for comparisson.


This is the manufacturers plate for our FWD:




An Ordnance plate from the same FWD:




An Ordnance plate from a licence built Mitchell FWD:




An Ordnance plate from a licence built Premier FWD:




An Ordnance plate from the steel ammunition body which were fitted to FWD's and Nash Quads (this was found in creek in Ohio - i asked the seller to go back and look for the rest of the truck, but she did not respond to that):




A makers plate for a wooden B Type body (International Harvester):




Our copy of the same:




I have seen Ordnance plates for wagons and artillery pieces. I wish i kept photos of them. Anybody got anything else to add, or am i infringing into the complex world of train spotters?

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