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  1. And here is a video of an early run. This was the first time I attempted to back it into the shed with the body on it. I'm getting better as we have also worked on the steering linkage which was semi fluid at first and now has been disassembled and fully lubricated I can now start it either by the added starter motor or by the crank IMG_5168.MOV
  2. Here are a series of close up/ detail pictures
  3. The 1918 FWD Model B with the Ordnance Repair shop body has passed anther hurdle as the body was reunited with the chassis. The truck starts stops shifts into all gears. It has been a hard four year project certainly harder than any of my other smaller vehicles. Here is the before and after
  4. Thanks Terry....I solved the starter issue with a non period set up but boy does that make my life easier! Thanks for your help. As I remember you had to fabricate the bronze fittings that screw into the jug and the spark plugs screw into them. Not sure of the term. A few of mine have been mangled over the last 100 years and are misshapen and may present with blow out. Is this something that could be fabricated at your end perhaps? If not I may go with a second copper crush gasket to improve this
  5. 1918 FWD update....rolled it outside and filled the radiator. Good news water system is tight . no leaks!!!. AND appears to run cool. Newly installed starter works perfectly. (small period momentary switch mounted below the mag cut off). Fuel line has some issues with the old petcocks not closing properly and the newly installed fuel filter may be too good and not allowing the fuel to enter the carb fast enough. (this is a gravity fed engine meaning no fuel pump) These issues are hopefully easy to correct. Here is a good picture of the beast outside in sun light and a longer run up of the motor . Oil pressure is good as well. Getting closer every day. Also a picture of the starter motor and bracket we made for the truck. IMG_2575.MOV
  6. Hello I bought the largest gear ring that would fit the flywheel thereby needing the least machining. It was 12 thousandths undersize .Dropped right down after heating and no pinning was needed. I would have used a ring that extended beyond the flywheel diameter but there was minimal clearance with the frame rail making that impossible.
  7. Installed a gear ring on the flywheel and will next fabricate a mount for the starter motor. Reading FWD history they did offer a starter as an option although the army did not opt for them. I like to be totally original but in this case if I cannot reliably start the truck then it will never leave home.
  8. Thanks Terry I personally did not start it I had a BIG guy here and he made it happen....My plan is to install a gear ring on the flywheel and a starter motor . I won't always have a BIG guy around. I think you mentioned that your plan on the BIG Wisconsin was to install a starter. I don't know how you could crank that monster over by hand.
  9. Big hurdle cleared as finally got to hear the engine run. Everything was good except that the timing was advanced to far. Retarded it back further and the beast came to life....A very good day IMG_1220.MOV
  10. Also had time to restore the seat bucket. I Cot off the bottom 4inches all around except for 3 inches in the front on both sides. I I had a replica of the rusted missing metal fabricated with an offset at the top. I used blind countersunk rivets to attach and then did the appropriate body work to hide the repair
  11. I think I figured out the purpose of the wooden sections on the side of the body. I believe that these prevented the chains from making a lot of chatter when they slam against the side.
  12. well finally got the body sand blasted again. I was never able to prep it last year so I had it redone and then within 48 hours I epoxy primered it and got it painted
  13. Thanks for checking we are making one as we speak. . 3 out of 4 U joints came apart easily. that left one that was seized and we had to drill out the locking pin. We then redrilled the holes to 5/16 inch. It had been 1/4 inch before the drill out. We replaced the pin with a 5/16th one. As you know plenty of material there to work with .
  14. Thanks Jim we actually we intended to make the original tubes functional but they were so compromised that we plugged them and they are for appearance only
  15. Well to update my repair attempt on the radiator was unsuccessful. Still leaked badly Pulled it out again and brought it to a professional. I wanted to keep the appearance of the core as original as possible. New spiral fin tubes were quoted at $6500 USD for the tubes only.....Not going to do that so we used the best looking original tubes on the sides and front and put a modern tube and fin design behind it. Had to repaint the shroud as the paint I gave the radiator shop was off in color the last picture is the repainted shroud.
  16. A little research found that the owner of this truck Bill Leuer, passed away in 2017. The truck is a Kissel built FWD as is mine. It also has the Machine shop body although I cannot tell which type as there were at least 2 varieties.
  17. Thanks a great looking truck that I was not aware of. Name looks like Bill Carver but I cannot be certain. Yes there is data plate on the body but I dont recall the makers name . Somewhere there is a picture of it. It is about 80 miles from here so cannot easily snap a new foto.
  18. FWD update. We have dissasembled the radiator and repaired 2 leaking tubes. One leaking tube was interior and opted to simply plug it. Reaasembled and installed it. Had a new step cast from a pattern taken from another FWD. Used cast bronze for strength. Have nearly completed reassembly of engine components but a bit baffled by the accelerator linkage. I hope to get some pictures from other vehicles in the US and UK for comparison. We have good spark and compression and expect to have it running soon. I am at the three year mark. The body is ready to be straightened in spots and then resandblasted and painted
  19. Rather than fabricate a new step I had the opportunity to borrow an original step . Used as a pattern I had a had a new step cast in bronze (for strength) using an existing the original as pattern. Cylinder jugs installed Pistons in Rod bearings honed, upper water manifold installed, valve shrouds and clips one side done (Thanks to Terry Harper and Tim Gosling), Radiator apart and to be pressure tested soon the tanks were caked solid with mouse nest but the cooling tubes look good. Exhaust manifold,pipe and muffler have been installed. Good news is I have compression and good spark!!!
  20. went to visit my parts chassis and body today. Removed what was left of the step bracket as my FWD has none. I will fabricate the step with welded steel and not have a casting made.
  21. And they removed the governor!!
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