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  1. Tanks Paul, I had a great chat with Tim and will be in contact again with a view to getting a BSA generator . I wonder if you could email me on douglasmatheson@btinternet.com. Tim suggested that I send you some details about a Saracen which I have for sale.Regards Doug.
  2. I have recently acquired a 300 watt BSA CHorehorse generator which is in bits and I am trying to rebuild it however I have no parts diagrams or technical data. Does anyone have access to either? the immediate problem is how to assemble the crankshaft to give the correct valve timing. Any help would be most appreciated.
  3. Hi, I have a gearchange assembly if you still need it and may have the connecting rod too . Also an amber lens. I am thinning out my Ferret spares so now is the time if you need stuff. I have an incomplete commanders seat which needs springs and one or two components which you can have very cheap if you are stuck. cheers Doug.
  4. Thinning out my radio bits and pieces so selling off the 19 Set accessories. You can offer me if you like but I was thinking around £25 for the variometer ( rotates but missing the end cap), £40 for the control box,( very good inside and out), £85 for the No10 aerial base ( nos ), £15 for the morse key and plug, etc.19SETGRILLE.html
  5. I understand that DAIMLER made the Fox prototypes in the hope of getting the production contract which went to ROF Leeds. That finished Daimler as a maker of military vehicles. I am not aware of any ALVIS components making their way into military vehicles though the Saladin disc brakes are identical to those in the Daimler Armoured Car of WW2.
  6. CHAMP TRAILER wanted. I am after a period Champ trailer with the adjustable towing eye. Condition not critical but must be restorable. Ideally situated in Scotland, the further North the better.
  7. This sounds useful. How far back are you going.? This is a very confusing subject ( to me anyway) so look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours.
  8. I have a GPMG cleaning kit for sale which is complete and in it's wallet. Some nos components and all in good condition. Asking £50 or near offers. Also have some other gun tools which I can't identify one of which looks like an extractor for jammed cases. Lastly there is a GPMG gas plug in excellent condition .
  9. From the ones I have seen recently I reckon you would have to pay at least £5k to get a reasonable one. So many are parked outside with the drain plugs fitted and have become write-offs as the brakes, engine and transmission have filled with water. You want a good runner as B81s are starting to get scarcer. I wish I could afford one as they are amazing vehicles to drive and the sound of that exhaust is to die for.
  10. Result !! Great news . I also put some flushing fluid through the Champ but I am not convinced it did any good.
  11. I had a similar problem with my Champ which had obviously overheated badly before I got it. The only cure ultimately was to take the head off and remove all drains and hoses and flush with a hose down every orifice I could fine until the water flowed freely and clearly. Same for the radiator which should free off ( try boiling water).
  12. Having bought an ex-farm runaround I would advise you to flush the engine and radiator most thoroughly. Mine was quite literally full of muck and it had overheated badly. Check your compressions. The No 2 gen panel does not fit directly onto the No 1 panel hole spacings so it needs an adapter plate which you may already have? Also the lead from the No 2 panel to the electrical distribution box behind the dash is a different length and configuration which you may also have already if everything is fitted neatly in place. I currently have the problem of sourcing both.
  13. I don't think there was any commonality of body parts with any other vehicle which makes it even more of a problem. I had a Morris MRA1 which was also prone to cab rust but at least it used mainly standard truck parts.
  14. Such a shame. They are lovely trucks but that double-skinned cab was so rust prone. I had a beauty which I would like to buy back. The cab was lead-loaded which shows what an incredible build standard they were made to. I'll keep my eyes open for any spares . I have some mechanical parts and also some PIG parts as I've owned three over the years.
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