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  1. I have a number of parts and accessories for SLR which are for sale if anyone is intererested. These include an original IWS /top cover mounting. Message me if interested and I can get photos ( my wife takes them as I don't have a smart phone).
  2. Hi Clive, I have a number of old emers and wartime publications relating to WW2 armour and more recent. These include AEC and Humber Mk4 and Centurion gun tank. Might you be interested?
  3. Looking for someone to move a non-driving Snatch from Tadcaster LS249DW to Banff in Aberdeenshire AB452LN. I believe it weighs around 3.5 tons and is a rolling vehicle but non driver. No exact date required to move it but as soon as can fit in with anyone's schedule. Contact me on my email is best douglasmatheson@btinternet.com.
  4. Hi Dave, sorry but I have limited knowledge of Centurions, it is my friend Peter Thompson who owns one and a cent arv. All I have by way of publications is a ISPL for an early gun tank and a servicing schedule. The Tank Museum have copies of the Centurion Haynes Manual which is cheap and gives some insight into running the Cent. Let me know if I can help further. Doug.
  5. The big clearout continues and I have found a box of parts which are mostly Albion CX though one or two may be Scammell Pioneer. The tacho is Albion and is in excellent condition as is the air tank and front grille. Not 100% sure about which vehicle the speedo came from or the air pressure gauge.. Open to offers.
  6. I am disposing of a small quantity of 58 Pattern Webbing and wondered if there was any interest? I have 3 large packs, one of which is unissued and one hardly used, an unissued Browning holster, an unissued yoke, a used bum roll and left hand pouch. There is also a bino case and a couple of plastic mugs and a cap-combat. These are all that I have found so far but there may be a couple more items.
  7. We are having our usual get-together in the woods at BA Stores, Lyne of Skene ,Aberdeenshire this weekend 7/8 Aug 2021. If anyone is in the area or wants to come along please feel free to do so. We will have a fire burning for anyone who fancies a bbq and will no doubt be imbibing of a few small sherrys while sorting out the ills of the world. There is plenty of scope for driving your MVs across some challenging terrain or just to show it off. Most of us will park up in the woods but there is a vast amount of space around it if you don't want to risk getting into the trees. Hope to see some new faces.
  8. Thank you Richard, I've just seen your post. Yes it was extremely well wrapped and arrived in one piece. Thankfully I wasn't tempted to touch it - I had no idea they were so radioactive !
  9. I have to say that radio kit is not my area of expertise and there seems to be very little on the market to gauge prices. I am open to offers on the ATU however I understand it has a certain rarity value.
  10. Hi Gordon, I'm having trouble accessing your messages. It might be easier if you email me on douglasmatheson@btinternet.com. cheers Doug.
  11. C13 ATU for sale. It is a nos item which has been in storage for many years and I understand they are rare now. It is complete with all the wires inside the base as far as I know. Any interest and I can get some photos. I am thinking of a price around 185 pounds ? I am trying to scale this from the cost of the complete C13 currently being advertised at 995 pounds.
  12. Hi Simon, I have already tried to message you but the email was returned so here goes again. The chap is Peter Thompson and his email is thompson.peter.a@btinternet.com . Thanks Doug.
  13. Hi Simon, I have a friend who is restoring an AVRE and needs this item amongst many others. He doesn't do the internet so wonder if I could pass on his email address if you still have it. regards Doug Matheson
  14. Thanks again Clive. I would be very grateful if you could scan the wiring diagram. My ambulance is late series2A having been made in Dec1972 and eventually completed by Marshalls early 1973. However it seems to embody some Series3 features so I am very confused. A wiring diagram would be a great help. Doug.
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