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  1. A friend bought a Stalwart just last week... I'm sure he'd be up for it...
  2. Well that's it then, Class C license test is booked... By 7cm if you go on official specifications... I've measured one and it was under he maximum 2.50cm, possible due to production vehicle specifications measurement with all bells and whisltes on it...
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone... so quick update... THE STALWART HAS BEEN PURCHASED!!! Now just waiting for delivery. So anyone one know a good place to swim a MV in or around Buckinghamshire??? (Except the Thames!)
  4. ...an Alvis Stalwart? Probably been asked a few times before... I've searched the forum but can't find anything... appologogies if it's been answered to death... Cheers Rog
  5. Yeah I hearyou... unfortunate or more fortunately I guess, my only decision is to be apart of the madness not actually to make the choice... Although I’ll be swinging the spanners so I’mup to my neck in it really… Are any ofthese things sensible decisions to buy though??? Go on then, ifthere was a sane choice of a large military vehicle to own, what would thechoices be…??? I was hankering after a 432… as I was often around these things whilstserving, then again, I don’t have many good memories and carry some large scarsdue to a tussle with a 432 so maybe that’s a none starter!!! Anyway, the Stalwart, it’sall being led by the heart not the head so will have see how the story evolves…
  6. Hi Everyone... Roger here, jumped on the forum to soak up as much of the amazing knowledge that's out there in advance of buying a Stalwart with a friend... I've been roped into the project due to my previous military expereince (albeit many years ago)... However, I was more involved in shooting Tanks than running them as a member of a MILAN Platoon!!! Anyway, sorry I won't have much to add to the forum apart from asking lots and lots of questions!!! Thanks in advance for all your help and advice... Cheers Rog
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