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  1. Ther Airfix models were originally produced by JB Models they did a Bedford MK GS and a Refueling truck . they also did a LWB Land Rover with trailer and a Land Rover 101. Also oddly an M113 and pre ww2 Vickers light tank.
  2. For contact treatment we used to use a lubricant called Cramolin Red for precision electronic switches. It was expensive and the boss always was reminding us to use it sparingly the bottle lasted years. It is no longer available but a product called D100L-25C DeoxIT is supposed to be the replacement it can be bought from the electronics component supplier CPC.
  3. Also out of the foreign cars there was only 1 German and Audi and 1 Japanese car a Toyota that I could see .
  4. When somebody asked our training instructor for an adjustable spanner when we were apprentices his reply was "When you show me an adjustable nut you can have an adjustable spanner"
  5. Just to add something the Google Picture was taken on a different better quality camera than my dads old Purma by somebody else. It could have been taken at the same time if they were both out with cameras that day. My dad said they would sometimes be able to use the base photo lab "out of hours" to develop their own pictures although this may have been more difficult out in Egypt.
  6. Thanks guys for all your comments.
  7. That is good as Dad was out in Egypt around that time and 139 was a Coningsby Squadron I will have to find out if I can find out if there are any records of when he was posted out there. He spoke about his time in the RAF a bit but unfortunately I can't remember if he told me any exact dates I will have to try and see if there are any more boxes of photos at mum's.
  8. I have just found this picture of a Mosquito being refuelled by a AEC 6x6 tanker in some of my fathers old photos sorry for the quality but it is a photo of a 33mmx33mm contact print. It is post war but I am not sure if it was taken at Coningsby or when he was in Egypt any info would be welcome. Simon
  9. There is more info about these wheels at http://hsqac.org/electric-wheel-company-jack-hilbing/ The reference to Electric in the company name was down to a patented electric welding process for fixing the spokes to the rims. These wheels look likely to be pre WW2 as they were making pneumatic wheels in the 50s Simon
  10. I remember seeing the film while on holiday in Norfolk at Cromer cinema in August 1969 which is odd as the release date according to the web was October 69. I also have a recollection of watching from the cliffs some of the planes flying over the coast including the B-24 but that must have been 1968 unless there was a fly past for the film show I was only 13 at the time.
  11. Could be from a control panel or a generator set but it's a typical early Amp meter and could have come from any electrical supply board but not from a vehicle dash panel.
  12. Tim Thank you so much for writing this book and sharing your photos, my copy arrived today and it's brilliant. I have loved early lorries ever since I first saw Mike Sutcliffe's Leylands at a Steam Rally but I don't think he has done one as a lorry. I have a copy of the Leyland Man but the only other good early lorry book I have found is a copy of G.N.Georgano & Carlo Demand Trucks 1896-1920 in the local secondhand book shop about 10 years ago.
  13. Yes it is an Alldays and at least one still exists in the UK.
  14. Does anybody know what happened to the Pioneer that worked out of Half Moon Garage in Peters Green near Luton in the 70s the owner of the garage was a guy called Derek i think it was blue and had a pink elephant painted on the doors and jumbo written on the cab roof. My mini looked pretty daft hanging off the back of it after I pranged it on the way to work one Monday morning wish I had a picture.
  15. Great model I like the fact you even modified the ties that must have taken some time and been tricky. Did you find a drawing for the 20 ton trailer or did you model it from pictures.
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