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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, We just (this weekend) bought a Hillman Minx Saloon 1941 to restore and brought it from UK to Belgium. We would like it to be in original RAF-colors again ! While stripping the black paint (it was rebuild in 1948 into a cab) we found lettering on back doors. Still have to strip another part, but now I’m trying to do some research about RAF vehicle markings. Hard to find !!! The markings on the front right wing, was already made visible by the previous owners ... I have paint chips of the original RAF blue grey that was underneath the other paint layers, so the color is no problem. Right front wing marking: base color of wing is black H’24 with RAF roundel Type A diagonally below On the left back door: H + 2 or 3 digits we guess The right front door panel has been repaired earlier, so no more markings on it. The left front door panel, there is no marking either ... Quenstions: - What's the meaning of the number 24 and letter H’ ? Must been sqn numbers but wich one ... - What means black wings ?? Red wings are "Bombs Disposal" ... but black :wow: - Any help about vehicle markings would be fantastic !! Thanks a lot, Tina
  2. Always looking to fill gaps in my knowledge. There is a trailer adverstised on Milweb as RAF Taskers Aircraft Recovery Trailer didn't mean much to me so I did a bit of googling. Only real links I could find were to Taskers producing the Queen Mary Trailer in WWII, but the add says this is a Post War trailer, is this just a late version of a Queen Mary (the name does at least ring some bells), or did Taskers manufacturer a newer version after the war. Sadly for the seller I'm not looking to buy, although combined with an example of the same type of Bedford in the pictures I think it would make a great exhibit for shows. It would be nice tolerant more around this company and the trailers. Cheers, Julian
  3. good afternoon everyone. I have a 1962 land rover series 2a 109 that research suggests was a tow truck fitted with a harvey frost crane inservice with the RAF. I have tried to find any photos of such a vehicle in RAF service. I would like to get it restored to show condition but need something to work with. As an aside can anyone advise what uniform you might expect the operator to have been wearing in the 60's. Blue coveralls perhaps? any help greatly appreciated. cheers Paul
  4. I have just found this picture of a Mosquito being refuelled by a AEC 6x6 tanker in some of my fathers old photos sorry for the quality but it is a photo of a 33mmx33mm contact print. It is post war but I am not sure if it was taken at Coningsby or when he was in Egypt any info would be welcome. Simon
  5. Hi I have had a great interest in these vehicle for many years and had done quite a bit of research already, I had considered building a replica of a Beaverette but other projects got in the way. I was then fortunate enough to come across one available for the 1st time in 20+ years so snapped it up. So as the dream is now a reality I now need to crack on, hence my post on here. Does anyone have any photo's, information, manuals, parts suppliers, links to suppliers/sources of information etc, or parts relevant to Beaverette's as I now have one which I am in the process of restoring. Also manuals, parts supplies, or parts relevant to standard 12/14 and that were used on Beaverette's. Thanks Tyler.
  6. Hi Folks, I have been asked by the RSM of the Defence Academy at Shrivenham, Wiltshire, if anyone with ww2 era Military Vehicles would like to attend their Music and Fireworks event on 12 Jul 2018. They are also celebrating the RAF 100, so if anyone has a RAF vehicle even better. You don’t get paid for the event, but its free entry for you and a guest and last year the attendees were fed and watered in the Mess. PM me or drop me a email at nickparsons8891@yahoo.co.uk. if you are interested in attending this charitable event. Thanks In advance. Regards Nicholas
  7. Happy New Year to all, may it be a healthy and prosperous one for all of you. As I cannot afford a real HMV (and would not have the space for it), I build small replicas of my favourite vehicles to have at least something to hold on to. My newest project is intended to be a Bedford MK tactical refueller as used by the RAF, but I have hit a brick wall. This seems to be one of most underphotographed vehicles of all time (the whole MK series also cries out for a decent book), there are about 5 (pretty small) photos of the original on the web, and tons of the JB/Airfix 1/76 kit - which I have, but it can only go so far in aiding a scratchbuild. Does a kind soul maybe have some photos of the original to share? Or is there an electronic version of the handbook? I would be very grateful, as that would mean I can go ahead with my build. Thank you very much in advance and cheers from Germany, Jens
  8. Looking for roadworthy Bedford MW, prepared to do some restoration but engine, gear boxes, axles, running Need to be fully working, Woodwork and other minor restoration work prepared to do.
  9. Hello gents, I have a question regarding Bedford MWD vehicles in RAF service. Does anyone know when the RAF began painting their Bedford MWD's in RAF blue? Any information is much appreciated. Kind regards: Kent Karlsen
  10. Hello all, Found this photo of my late grandpa Alan Wormald spraying a truck at RAF Marham in 1948, a CMP truck of some sort? Not seen that body on one either-small workshop body perhaps? Also, anyone know what the 'G.587' refers to - building number? The text on the photo & below it reads; MAR.G.587 13-5-48// SPRAYING BAY IN USE RAF MARHAM 1948 ALAN Regards
  11. Hello folks, a serving RAF officer has contacted our MVT group. He is looking for our help to locate an RAF Blue Landrover. ‘My fiancé and I are looking for an RAF Blue Landrover for use as our wedding vehicle when we get married near Malmesbury, Wilts on 23 April this year. If anyone owns or knows of any such vehicle, we would be very grateful if you would get in touch.’ If anyone can help, this is a fantastic and very practical way to support our service personnel. You can PM me on this forum or contact Ian directly [ian.david.hall@gmail.com]. cheers, Jeremy
  12. Here's something of a rarity seen today in deepest Lincs amongst many other vehicles and trailers quitly rusting away. Original painted sign on dash read RAF/909703/VM
  13. Hello to all Recently joined and thought that I had made an introduction post but guess notQ I'm up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and am the new owner of a 1941 GMC 353 Truck (Hard cab) She's in decent order and will look even better after a proper clean up and new paint job so she's ready for next years series of anniversary trips. She will be used during the season to help move around a 40's Big Band (the Echo 42 Big Band) http://www.echo42.co.uk - all RAF'ed up when they are on a 1940's event. If anyone has any information as to wether Jimmy's were used by the RAF on loan that would be great Cheers Paul
  14. Hello all - I'm a new owner of a 1941 GMC Jimmy truck and keen to learn... Looks like this group is a real knowledge base and look forward to interacting with all. I'm a trombone player in a 18 Pice Big Band - ECHO 42 and we play for a lot of 1940's themed weekends and events all over the UK. When we are on a 40's gig - we become a RAF Wing Command Band of the period dressed and sounding as such. So this new truck will be come part of our 40's show dressing if an outdoor event. SO Does anyone have any information on GMC truck being used on loan to the RCAF or RAF in wartime england? any help or pointers would be most welcome. cheers Paul
  15. If any camouflaged or olive green Unimog owners, ideally a 406 model, want a free air show in the Midlands, please pm me. The purpose is to represent an RAF Unimog that in its day was used as a tug for Harrier aircraft. This is a large public display that is inclusive of many RAF and Army elements including Harrier and Jaguar aircraft. A Unimog is the only missing part although I could also use some Bedford MK with tilts as the MoD has now disposed of them all. Sunday 9th June 2013 @ RAF Cosford. WV7 3EX
  16. Think this old girl is ex RAF. A bit like a short version of a Green Goddess, only not much in the way of visible firefighting equipment. Would love to know what it is, and what it may have served as. Thanks in anticipation GR
  17. Hello I'm a military vehicle enthusiast who is lucky enough to live near Witham SV and can regularly go and dream of owning a Bedford MK. Perhaps this love of military vehicles can be traced to my ancestors. Both grandad's drove trucks during the war. They never talked about this but i have found some pics recently and I wondered if anybody out there could help identify the vehicles. You can see the pics in this picasa album. One grandad served in Palestine with the RAF at the end of the war and my other was in the Hussars in what looks like North Africa. I particulalry like the convoy pic and the lead vehicle with the white wall tyres. You can see the pics in here. click here Thanks James
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