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  1. Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I have started an album for VW's in Army/RAF service. It isn't an interest of mine, but as I hunt for postwar British jeep photos I often come across images of them, and they seem quite a rarity, thought it was worth getting an album together. https://www.flickr.com/photos/britishjeep/albums/with/72157683963117615
  2. Mine were sadly missing, but I know many people with them who I am sure would be willing to help you. Have you got a Brit re-build jeep? We keep a register of them as well as group dedicated to the research of British service jeeps, see my signature. Nick
  3. In 1949 the census number system was replaced by the ERM system, (ie. from M1502620 to 48YJ27, which is my jeep). Recently I discovered that it was recorded exactly how these numbers were allocated, in blocks, to theatres of operation. Now I have the complete list for the YJ series, but I am looking for the YH series, and also similar info for other vehicles in postwar service. Clearly this gives a nice bit of info on a specific vehicle in postwar service. Any ideas where I can access this information? Here is an example from the YJ allocations- 72 YJ 22 to 72 YJ 70 FarELF 72
  4. No problem. Glad you finally got your records!
  5. Great news, and I know just how you feel. I have always tried to buy British service wherever possible. Everything I have was British service except perhaps the Dodge, have to wait and see if I can get records for it.
  6. Ron, yep yours is a British service jeep. Your 1949 ERM registration was 29YJ13, You can use this number to get your keycard from the RLC at the link below. It costs £35 and will give you instant access. If you get the keycard, I would very much appreciate you sharing it with us, thanks. Nick http://www.rlcarchive.org/VehicleSrch
  7. Hi Ian, I tried to PM you with this but there is an error as it says your inbox is full, so will post here instead - I spotted this topic about your jeep and its YH and M15 numbers. I run a Facebook group that logs and researches the jeep in British service, especially M15 rebuilds and the postwar use when the vehicles changed to ERM numbers. We do this completely not for profit as vehicle enthusiasts. I see that you have your keycard, would you be willing to share it? Our group is 'WW2 Jeeps rebuilt by the British army' if you would like to join us. We are even starting to find s
  8. Nice jeep! I am checking your chassis numbers and will let you know if I can find the ERM.
  9. That is really useful info, thanks a lot for sharing!
  10. Thanks for that! Any ideas on what else was on the YH registrations in the 00YH - 09YH range? We know they aren't jeeps and the Humber card is one example.
  11. Hi chaps, a group of us are working towards piecing together the history of the Jeep in British postwar service. But we could really do with input from other light vehicles in British service to complete the picture. In 1949 when the new vehicle identity system (ERM) came into place, Jeeps, and other light vehicles were given registrations in the YH and YJ range. They would look like 06YH78 or 48YJ27 for example. This included vehicles such as the Humber heavy utility, and likely Tillys, staff cars etc. I have attached a Humber Keycard below to give you an idea of what we are after. Ca
  12. Yep it is. Thanks for the link of this video. It has another Jeep which I didn't have images of. 48YJ48 that is in that video. If you know of any images or videos of the other recoilless rifle jeeps from Suez I would love to see them!
  13. Thanks a lot for the info chaps. I'll certainly add that image and info to the page.
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