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  1. Hello I have the option on a 1965 Hotchkiss that needs some minor work. There is on advertised on Nilsen for £17K. My question is,og I invest time and money in a Hotchkiss jeep am I realistically going to get my money back out of it someday? You can't keep something forever.
  2. Recently I acquired a Mountain Howitzer.I am not in the UK and wish to restore the Gun to functioning Condition. I have removed the Barrel assembly from the Chassis (not the right term probably) and now am trying to free up the Breech. I have been pouring oil down the Barrel for months,letting it run out from around the Breech block.I tried warming the breech up with a torch,it was encouraging to see Molten Grease run out.Alas no movement in the Breech. I am thinking I will have to press out the large Pin that the Breech linkage hinges on?Then I hope with the linkage removed the Breech block its self will slide out,or press out or beat out?
  3. Sold pending funds. Thank you for looking.
  4. Hello With luck this works.Third times the charm and all that. I live in Norway where the weather is cold but the people are colder:) I look forward to learning more about my interest in Military vehicles,I have had a couple of jeeps and now own an old unimog.
  5. Some more gauges. Vacuum operated windscreen wipers,wiper blades,covers,oil can,oil feed lines,plugs,points,distributor cap,points,pulleys,switches,ariel mount and all sorts of things.
  6. Recently I have decided to sell alot of parts that came with a jeep I had.6 combat rims and tyres,boxes and boxes of new and original parts.Clutches,seat cushions,a muffler,lights,gauges you name it. I have no idea as to what the lot it worth.There is an entire reproduction wiring loom in its packaging and all sorts of stuff. Ideally I would like to shift it as a job lot. Any ideas on what I should be asking for it all?
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