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Found 13 results

  1. Having restored 1944 Airborne 10cwt No1 Mk2 Trailer and an 1944 10cwt Lightweight Water Bowser (posted photos previously on HMVF), I've now got a new project. Have been lucky to find a 1944 Lightweight Electrical Repair trailer (thanks Richard). I believe it is one of the trailers developed by the REME section of the Airborne Forces Development Centre based at Amesbury Abbey (Wilts) from 1943 in cooperation with the REME Central Workshops at Old Dalby (ref. Rob van Meel's British Airborne Jeeps). The trailer data plate shows it to be "Electrical Repair Trailer. No.1 Mk II. Cont. No. 23/7940" and WD Number: X6170936. It still has its 110v DC Bench Grinder and a 110v DC "Van Norman YW Valve Refacer", a large worklight and an Admiralty Pattern 1 Gallon Still (for distilling water for batteries!). It came its original canvas cover with "T-plate", but is missing the simple steel frame (on the to do list). I am guessing the old design of triangle warning plate is a post-war. It is missing the collapsible workbenches that slotted into the front...does anyone have any information on these? Size and method of construction? The two wooden cased 6v battery boxes are also missing. But I think it is an unusual survivor in very good conditon, I'll post a few photos below, but I am very interested to find any further informaton about these trailers, their equipment and use. It seems that this particular example only left the army in late 1970s/early 80's, possibly having been with a TA unit. I don't think the REME museum has one, althought they do have the very similar Lightweight Machinery Trailer. How many others survive? Thanks in anticipation John
  2. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=174186219252&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229508&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  3. Looking for circa £50 plus postage, also listed on eBay.
  4. Used a few times with my old Militant and now for sale is this crew tent (no ground sheet), includes mallet & peg set, located in South Derbyshire for collection or I can cost up postage if required.
  5. This is my 1st post so please excuse me if I get something wrong. I am not from a military background but through a house clearance I have two Fuel Gauges, which I believe are from a british military vehicle. I would be grateful if anyone could identify which vehicle the following fuel gauge was fitted to. I made enquiries with the REME Museum at MOD Lyneham and they identified it as british but could not place which vehicle it come from or shed much light on it's age.. It has the following numbers stamped on it. FV 494553 S.M.CODE AV4 No: 2 Mk. 2 And on the face : TS9941 It has both 'G' and 'D' stamped at the full mark. Which I'm told are marks for 'G' Gasoline and 'D' Diesel. So the vehicle it was fitted to could have had ether engine. Also, it has no bulb fitted for lighting up at night. It has cut outs just below the top screw on ring to let light through the sides to the face. For 'Convoy Mode' ? Any ideas anyone?
  6. https://warisboring.com/new-urban-camo-wont-save-british-tanks/
  7. Hello, My name is Charles, from Goodwood - I think some of you may remember me from last year! I am looking for drophead British staff car. I have sourced a Humber Super Snipe but need another for a parade at the Goodwood Revival (11-13th September 2016). The only other that I can think of is the Austin 8. I read that Brian Laker might have one and I wonder if I could be put in touch. Unless of course any one knows of more Humbers (drophead). I have tried both IWM and Coventry. Or other staff cars that I haven't mentioned. Thanks for your help. 01243 755037 charles.goddard@gmail.com
  8. Can anyone help me finding a larger British WWII tent? (f.e. A British Army 160 lb tent) Does anyone also know a way to repair canvas? Is there something like a merchant who does this? I did already fix it by sticking a piece of canvas several times but this thing is becomming a rags sieve. Is it a good idea to steam it to clean it? And finaly, is there a way (product, treatment) to make the canvas stronger again? Thanks a lot guys ...
  9. Hi everyone! QM here, from Holland... what a great forum i must say! for some time now i have been interested in USA ww2 material. i have a closed cab GMC CCKW which is great fun to drive and has great patina to it... but then i realised that most of Holland was liberated by Canadian and british troops... so now, i would like to make a 180degr turn... step 1: who would like to own a GMC CCKW? i prefer to swap it with something british... should i post a topic in the ad section? grt
  10. Hi everyone. I am a new Bristish Ferret owner. I am a retired school teacher (27 years classroom, 5 years transportation director) and retired military (24+ years in the Iowa Army National Guard). My wife and I also own and operate a manufactured home community. I have started restoring the Ferret and have already ran across some issues with a rotten pick axe handle and a broken fire extinguisher bracket. I will be back to check for parts and other advice. Thanks for all you do, Ron Struble Manchester, Iowa USA Scout Car,Reconnaissance, Ferret, Mark 2/4, VHF 00 CA 82
  11. Stolen within the last 24 hours, along with my car: Full set 58 pattern webbing less bayonet frog and pistol holster Mess tins (not that important, frankly, they can be had for peanuts) Folding skeleton bed (1980s issue, replica) Roll mat, issue (genuine) reconditioned 58 pattern sleeping bag Sleevelets, traffic directing, silver/white Tabbard, orange/silver, marked "MILITARY POLICE" Sleevelets and tabbard are in the right ammunition pouch of the webbing. Items were in the boot of the car; car is a Silver Ford Modeo, V59NGY. also insude the car a two-way amateur radio tranceiver, a dual band (2m & 70cm) Yaesu FT-7800E, with remote mounting kit, radio s/no 6H531885. To say that I'm exceedingly hacked off is putting it mildly, of course. This has been reported to the Police, and any information should be passed in the first instance to them. Thanks.
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