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  1. Thank you both for your replies. I can never get anything easy to research!
  2. I’ve just taken one. it’s about a 10 inch diameter.
  3. Good evening all, I have an item that says ‘Cover, Muzzle No.48’. Its a U.S. cover. would anyone know what this muzzle cover would have covered? (The gun type before someone says ‘a muzzle’). many thanks in advance, Neil.
  4. Hi April, Thanks for your reply and informationAnd I’m glad I’m not the only one. It was made by John and Mary Worthing. It has torn Where the water runs Off at the edges. The originals seemed to be some kind of thick vinyl and I didn’t want to use modern (1980s/ 1990s) stuff as it’s completely rubberised and too light in colour. I need it to stay on the vehicle as it’s going to be repainted and the paint makes the final seal on the beading that fixes the flaps to the body. I don’t mind replacing them every few years but wanted something that at least lasts a year.
  5. Hi all, Im looking to buy some 1950s type Vinyl? Material to replace my awning attachment skirts on the truck. I did one side in canvas and it weakened and tore At the ends within a year as it is outside constantly. I have a Couple of photos to explain the type I’m looking for. The two sides need to be 12 ft by 1 ft. The awnings themselves are of the same material. Many thanks, Neil.
  6. Evening all, well, the thermostat And gasket arrived And I fitted it this evening. I ran the engine with thermostat fitted and new temperature gauge connected for half an hour. The thermostat is rated to open at 74C. After running it for 5he half hour, I now have 170F which is 76.6C (not far off 74C for 5he thermostat. Now I know why there are two leg vents and the whole screen folds out.... it gets bloody hot in there now as the bulkhead/ back of engine is right on your leg. However, much more snug in the winter. well done chaps and thank you again.
  7. Thank you very much for your replies. just ordered 2 x 3/16 bsf 3/4” bolts and standoff collars (only just realised their name). much appreciated.
  8. Chaps, long story short, I boiled and cooked my truck last weekend but no damage done. I’m now fitting a water temp gauge but need some spacers to go between the rear dash plate and dash cover plate. Im also after a couple of screw bolts (to keep it original). The spacers needed are 12mm in length, 11mm (not important) in diameter and the originals have a 5.5mm hole. X2 The screw bolts will need to be at least 15mm to cover the spacer and two 1mm thick panels. Ive looked online but I’m getting frustrated trying to get the right bits. Naturally, I will pay
  9. I definitely will Pete. Waiting for the thermostat to arrive then I’ll be straight in it. well I got nothing on the gauge today so we will certainly know with a thermostat in it. Im also going to treat the gauge and thermostat (when it gets here) to Phil’s hot and cold conditioning as I feel the gauge isn’t quite giving a true temperature. I will post the outcome in due course.
  10. Phil, That is cracking advice and I did notice the gauge wasn’t quite reading right in boiling water so I will do exactly as you’ve mentioned to loosen the gauge and the new thermostat. Thank you for that information. Richard, it’s definitely for a petrol as the stated the engine type E1ADKN is petrol (the K being Kerosene) and E1ADDN is Diesel. Again, I may not have known that so thank you.
  11. Guys, thank you so much for your replies. I have just ordered a new thermostat and gasket and will fit the gauge after I fir the thermostat and see where we are. Again, sincere thanks for your answers to the post. Neil.
  12. David, I took the thermostat out when the radiator was overhauled and didn’t replace it. The filler cap is just a brass solid threaded cap that unscrews. Is it not good not to have a thermostat? The truck has no heater so I didn’t bother refitting the thermostat after the new rad core was fitted.
  13. Pete, Many thanks for your reply. Its not a pressurised system... I have an overflow. The one pictured is the one I bought. It fits great but won’t register on tickover. I will get a temperature gun on it (my mechanic has one) and see if the temp is low. Are non pressurised systems cooler than pressurised? Neil.
  14. Hi all, Not sure I’ve asked in the right forum but I’m after advice. I took my truck out last weekend and cooked the engine by boiling it. I found out the drain tap at the bottom of the rad was leaking (new radiator core recently). I got away with it and it’s running fine but I thought I’d fit a temperature gauge which I ordered (new tractor pattern part as the truck is a Fordson). The gauge is in Fahrenheit and working well when put in boiling water but with my truck ticking over, it doesn’t move from 100F which is 37C. Does anyone know what Temperature a Ford petrol
  15. Thanks John, it’s got to be re-painted, re-signwritten with new water slide CD transfers, lacquered. The vehicle was painted quickly for a BBC series but needs to be done properly, Deep Bronze Green. The previous owner put PVC decals on, so I will do those again. apart from that, she runs well. Ive retired the rear office which has all cupboards, desks, chairs and original Blackboard and map board.
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