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  1. Chaps, Ive been doing some research and wondered what your views of 1 inch Canadian Maple were?
  2. Wally, That’s very useful matey. Im going to fit whatever comes along providing it’s 1 1/4” hard or 1 1/2 soft. Thanks.
  3. I’d be keen to know what your final decision and choice is, if you could let me know. Im going to the local truck breakers tomorrow so will let you know how that goes.
  4. That’s what I thought… the same as the Drivers Handbook. It says on the front cover that it covers K5/ ZD (GS with split cab).
  5. Wow, This is becoming a hot topic and I’m glad it’s not just me confused. Several types of Asian, African or Australian hardwood, Douglas Fir or Oak. It looks like I’m going to use an existing hardwood from a later (breakers yard) flatbed or trailer. Oak would just be too costly at 20/25mm thick for the whole floor.
  6. Radek, Are you saying different chassis numbers have different maintenance manuals? I have 3 that came with the lorry. One of them is for a 3 ton K3 4x2 so it’s clearly the wrong one. The other two are: Instructions for dismantling & re-assembling LORRY 3-Ton 4x4, K5 General Service Airportable. Drivers handbook for Lorry, 3 ton 4x4, AT Portee and General Service (covers K5/YU, K5YW, K5YN, K5/ZD, K5/ZK)
  7. Well I’m definitely not painting the wood of the floor. It will be destroyed in minutes and look terrible. To me, it would be like painting your living room floorboards.
  8. Thanks for all your replies everyone. Getting some of theses wood types won’t be easy but I’ll have a look what’s out there.
  9. I’m curious too because you have to have more than a log book to claim ownership. it clearly says on every log book ‘this log book is not proof of ownership’. Ive bought many trailers before without proof of ownership but they don’t have a log book. The problem is that if the seller has proof that he has bought it in good faith as an unregistered vehicle and the previous seller has done the same, you will never know who has sold it illegally. If I cant find any history, then I definitely won’t find anyone over the years who has sold it under false pretences. If it has
  10. Yes, you may be right there.... he definitely knows where he got it so may be able to help. Im being impatient really as it’s not being delivered until next week.
  11. I’m afraid he didn’t as he buys different vehicles as and when they come up. I will ask again but if he knew, he would have used the info to sell it.
  12. Hi chaps, I am unsure of where to start will a newly acquired WW2 vehicle. The vehicle isn’t registered on the DVLA database so has no V5. I have the reg number and chassis number (which is only 5 numbers, so not sure), and a small plate riveted to the side of the passenger seat (5 numbers). Naturally, I’d like to get this on the road eventually but regarding registration, not sure what info I’ll need. Neil.
  13. Yes, it’s just finishing that needs doing. It runs and drives lovely so the main thing is the body, which I’ll try and source a wooden floored flatbed from a lorry breakers for. I’m initially looking for information on the floor cross beams and their spacing to start the floor.
  14. Hi chaps, well, I bought the Austin K5 and now have a thousand questions and ‘wants’. The project needs finishing and it’s mainly the wooden floor and body. The first things (once delivered) are to aquire the maintenance manual (there’s one on Ebay but £195??) and to find someone with a K5 that I could use/ visit to look at the body and chassis rails to get the spacing correct. I also need to register it with DVLA but at the moment, only have the reg No. to go on until I try and locate some numbers. The reg No is PVJ 445 and I have included a photo of it in 2009, aband
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