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    Militaria collecting and Impressions as you may have guessed the Falklands war is one
  1. It could be a trial item? never seen one like it though :-)
  2. Hi, Many thanks all for the pictures and various information. So was it just the 1950-1960 KFS set that was re-issued during the 70-80s period? Also did anyone get the jungle 44 pattern KFS set in the 60-80 period?
  3. I think either a spreadsheet or input form of some kind would be useful to people to update the contract numbers and to add to as well. Just a though.
  4. Thanks all for the info does anyone know what sizes they made the caps. from what I have seen 7 and 1/2 seems to be the biggest but also the most uncommon size. Regards, Lewis
  5. Nice smock Edward, here is the one that I got the other day
  6. Either you posted it in the wrong thread/facebook post, also I wouldn't take a gamble on a supposed 35" waist as I have had a pair before and could not get them above my thighs and I'm a 34" waist
  7. Ah ok so they did make 70/80 dated sets as the latest I have come across is 64 would be interested to see a picture of a set if someone has some.
  8. Thanks for the reply and add to the thread, I did manage to find a mid 60s dated KFS set but haven't seen 70s or 80s dated ones unless they just re-used them? Regards
  9. Thank you for the helpful info and picture. Was the plate carried on you as I would have thought the mess tin would do the same job? Regards
  10. Hi, Thanks for the replies guys and thanks for all the info. Many thanks
  11. Hi, Just wanted to ask was the Combat cap a standard issue item to troops or an optional thing. Regards, Lewis
  12. Ah ok this is a bit off topic but did anyone have a NO7 Field cooker or No12 Field cooker? or did you have to sign for it because you usually get the cooker with the hexis?
  13. I thought the M16 was only issued to those on Jungle carta?
  14. Alright so people used to pinch them?:-) Also were they ever carried in the 58 pack/ GS bergens on exercise/battle
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