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  1. Hi Tony the photos were sent by mike in NZ ,the Mk V tank was built in Peter jacksons workshops.
  2. Here's a few photos from the air show in New Zealand over the weekend sent from my mate.
  3. Sun back out and Site drying well, steady stream of people comin in. Here's a few photos from Patton field.
  4. Spent Sunday at the show, had a great day, here's a few photos.
  5. Great looking vehicle good luck with it
  6. Hi rob, thanks for the info on spare parts, Mike is based is New Zealand so i'm not sure what parts he has but will come back to you. Hi Mike, never tried molasses but like you say it does look like putting a penny in coke looking at rust on the top of the gun. Will ask what the next stage is when I speak to him.
  7. Mike sends me all sorts of interesting photos ,here's some not sure how long they have been sat in the molasses .
  8. :cool2:I have been looking for a new project when I found this ,looks a bit washed out to me :cool2:
  9. Bought 10 tyres from John gray .Hancock brand drove devon to kent a couple of times ,no problems
  10. heres afew more pics off peter jacksons replica tanks that mike and is mates get to play with lucky boys cant wait for my next trip down there
  11. just looking through old photos and found this one of Peter Jackson's Spring Chicken.
  12. Thanks guys found it,only on page 15 great stuff cheers for now BrianBrian
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