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SimonBBC - electronic ignition; which 12 volt coil to use?


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I am giving my Lwt Land Rover a pre-season service and I noted that the 12 volt coil I fitted with the electronic ingnition has failed. At the time 'simonBBC'  the producer / didtributing agent for the electronic ignition (circa 10 years ago) recommened a new coil to go with the new electronic ignition kit. But was it necessary? A new 12v coil from the spares box works well enough but is there a reason for a special coil to go with their electronic ignition? It wasn't much different in price so I bought one, but I wouldn't want the electronic ingnition to be ruined.

I am not sure if Simon BBC is still trtading?

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A normal coil will work well enough with electronic ignition. I think the sales push for you to buy a matching coil was because electronic ignition can switch more current than CB points then a coil with lower resistance primary will give more output. Traditional CB points don't last too long if they are switching more than 3A.

I used a SimonBBC kit in my Shorland & it worked very well & that was just using the original coil. I did once ask them a fairly basic technical question about a coil & to their credit they admitted they had only a limited technical appreciation of the products that they sell. I appreciate their honesty rather some of the baloney given by some sellers of ignition components.

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I've run my Ambulance on its standard 1974 dated coil for the past 14 years with no ill effect.

When I fitted a kit to the 2.25P in the 88in S1 last year I went with a fancy red powerspark one as I was getting kit/leads/plugs etc and freshening the engine up anyway. No real improvement that I can detect, they both start instantly and run beautifully as most fettled 2.25P do xD


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