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  1. Hi i am looking for information on this Humber box, As I believe it has an RAF registration number. Any other GXW regos considered. regs rupert
  2. Hi NOS, Just some pics, regs Rupert Just a game.
  3. Cheers Radek, Can I blame the computer? regs rupert
  4. Hi all The registration is for FYY 228 ,Jan 1940, 5625, K3/SL London. So All looks good for a gen appliance, regs rup
  5. Hi there HNY me been picky again, for the door post mirrors they used the same brackets as the roof mounted mirrors, and side screens were only fitted to the passenger side, from mid 1941 intermittently to the drivers side, then both sides from about the same time. nice work thought. early Austin with single side screen and mirrors. I do not know if this was a duel panel, as later on but there is a change in the part number. regs Rupert
  6. Hi all, I go with the Gloss blue, and Black mudguards, as post 1946, also the a rego is on the front bumper,the picture is dated c1945. Shame the picture is of poor quality, the ambo is a 1943 model but the picture is poor (it could be a rebuilt) no exhaust showing mmmm. For Austin K2Y ambulances, the cross, lots of variants small up about 1943, but not a rule. Civillian registration numbers,replaced army census dos. But not always. Civilian Ambulances no cross, but the Word AMBULANCE displayed front and rear.(Sometimes) Gloss grey finish.in this case
  7. hi all Found one more although a bit post war regs rupert
  8. Hi mcspool, cheers for the info, I did try e-mailing Whitedell eng ltd, but no reply, I will not need any for a bit, as these purposed age limit to be placed on tyres here ( ten years) , It could be fun. regs Rupert
  9. Hi I am glad i found this, I am a 10'50 x 16 type, i would like to comment that I fitted Wallace Wade 10.50x16 (chevron) to cmp rims OK, I get about 1000 miles per 1 mm, out of them, so they should last about 12,000 miles.trouble being the chevron tread for use on the road, I do not know what track grips would be like, I know bar treads are a bit rough, i would be looking for sand tyres, or road type. regs Rupert
  10. Hi the fourth picture I sent in is on a British Airfield just post war, the Ambulance is from an RAF contract for Austin Ambulances. the only contract I have found (A1782/1943) for 42 Austins, for the RAF. There K2Y's came from WD Contracts, But it all go a bit messy, at the wars end. The Austin K2y was rated as 10 seated/4 stretcher, and spare parts would be local. the maximum carried was 29. regs rupert
  11. Hi I should add that the RED Cross Ambulances had Civilian registrations, As well as military, I have not seen both displayed at the same time. They also had different signage, cross's painted out and the word Ambulance painted on headboards. regs Rupert
  12. Hi I have these pictures of RAF Austin K2Ys in the RAF, All are post war. the original film Memphis Bell has Austin K2Y ambulances in it Wartime pics I do have more but finding them. regs rupert
  13. Hi Great job, I noticed there is a bonnet mascot for sale on e-bay(NOS) I do not know if its still there, regs Rupert
  14. Hi just adding a pic, just one in Australia. regs Rupert
  15. Hi there were several impressed vehicle batches, And you can spend money very easily, Geoff Fletcher is the go to here, if you cannot get there. his contact details are on the RAF cosford Web site under research. regs rupert
  16. Hi Tom I have the kit very lucky to get a near complete one. An Aussie kit too! regs Rupert
  17. Hi The one cabinet is for the water tank the since lined one would be for(guess) bandages as zinc lined boxes were used to transport nothing in days gone by for the tropics, There should be a leather (rubbing) strip on the lid(yet To do)First aid kit for driver and mate, field dressings are a perfect fit in this lower section. I do not have any details what should go in these cabinets. regs Rupert
  18. Hi looking good and you have an original water tank,(on my wish list) well done, I like the posters, regs Rupert
  19. Hi, Engine rear bearing cap has two cork strips down the side as a face seal, should check they go all the way down, As this bearing housing is the end of the line for the oil flow should check the oil pipe is clear, and the correct shell bearing fitted. Great job on the Ambo. just note Czech nos allotted in UK, 1278563-1283562, this site still come up not secure so I am not visiting much. regs rupert
  20. Hi Tom Ok the large brass plate is the post war rego plate. -- YP 49 registration the chassis no on this plate should be the same as the chassis no. on the chassis 75293, but appears to be stamped 75393 I have to note the first 3 is in a different font, not unusual for there to be a mistake here. So I think they meant 75293 So Chassis no. 75293 WD No. A5850193, contract S.3165 30th April 1943, starting March 1944 . Chassis no. 74701-75577, A5849601-5851100 . you Have A1782244 which is a wartime rebuilt no. -- YP 49 is the p
  21. Hi Higgins, I did notice the word implement on your tyres So no good to me out here, i will have to get some that are better on the road. Anyway I never posted any pictures of our Ambo. So It is A 1941 model Austin K2Y, A1207004 history came out of the factory 0n ANZAC day 1941(guess). to North Africa April 1942 to Australia 1948ish sold off, rebuilt as Ambo 1950s, cut up as flatbed truck, Dumped. As 1207004 of the 2AACC NSW, Darkes Forest circa 1942 at rest in Cootamundra Note the 9mm pistol hole just in front of the lubrication ch
  22. Hi I would Like some Austin K series engine side panels, I need the WD type as I have the early 1940's civilian type at present. regs Rupert
  23. Hi Nice to hear another 81" Landcover on the way, the B40 engine fitted to the Land Rover was a Rolls Royce Engine and so had BSF Threads, as the Champ had the Austin B40 with UNF threads with can be tapped out, Early champs I hear did have the Rolls B40. I think they mad about 47 of these, But I came across list that some were sent to Australia, best check the Land rover web site I worked on one back in the, late 1970's which the Patrick collection(Birmingham) later bought. They were know to brake the rear diffs. regs Rupert
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