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  1. Hi Cheers

    for the pic, i did a bit more looking and found that Canadian units had the ---/1 after their unit number but this did not happen until 1943, the front wing on the ambulance could be a replacement,

    but most likely came to aussie in May 1942, the search goes on



  2. Hi RAFMT It was just a shot in the dark as i knew about the F & B prefix, just in case there were more symbols, i have found that Canadian units used the unit serial number followed by /1 this does not add up as this came into force in 1943, which time the ambulance was in Australia., having travelled from i think the middle east or Singapore.(unlikely) But it is a front wing after all. regs Rupert
  3. Hi From what little research i have done these number plates were fitted (or painted on) to MV's in the Middle east pre WW2, but stopped being used around March 1944. they were fitted even though the vehicles had WD Census numbers. they were written in English and Arabic. I would like more information on these plates a really good picture would be handy. regs rupert
  4. Hi Torpedo engines are 2 stroke diesel, When running "Hot" the fuel air mixer has ignited, (using an ignitor) Suppiled in individual pressure tanks (so no injector pump, just a distributor,) oil is also in a pressure tank. when running "cold"the fuel has failed to burn, and so is running off the compressed air supply, and unburnt fuel.the range is about halved, oxygen torpedoes were used but did explode. electric torpedos we are used to day. regs Rupert
  5. Hi, Bridge plates were fitted as soon as the army took poession of the vehicle, reprinted bookVehicle Making in the Middle East, has a list of what should be on the bridge plate, from www.robvanmeel.nl, book no 2006 regs Rupert
  6. Hi all I am looking for information on the RAF unit numbers I have an old Ambulance, I have found that RAF units used a / in their number system. as on the front wing shown, the yellow paint is desert sand, i have coloured the numbers in.
  7. Hi about austin 8 hp cars some of these came to Aussie from ME in 1942 I only have records for 8 many missing i fear. As for paint in the cab, A lot was done on cost/time even down to only painting one set of census numbers(2 sets not 3) instruction 2261, on the 24th october 1942, our cab Austin k2Y had been painted olive drab. For the desert canvass was to be bleached white hence in a lot of wartime pics the seats of ambulances(K2Y) and aprons appear white. then re-painted Dulux olive drab Australian Army it was a bit knocked about when it got here in 1942, and then in p
  8. hi Just a point i noted with the Austin K2Y ambulance, I have seen wartime pictures and the cab was left factory green,( but its wartime anything can happen) from my own experience I found that the under side was also painted sandstone. probably just a blow around. PTO (modified air Compressor) the sump was also painted but no pictures taken at the time. cab interior showing only 3 coats of paint, two being olive drab. wartime picture middle east cab interior Austin K2y (1942)
  9. Hi did this topic remove its self? I am just interested in any Austin truck chassis numbers (1939-45) as I am tying to sort out some records. all I can add is chassis number 47122 is an Austin K2 YP contract S708/1942 for 800 units. Rupert
  10. Hi Gavin I am looking for engine side covers,(see pic) I have a set of covers but for the ATV model, less louvers.
  11. Hi all, Rupert here i am no good on*computers, but i am looking around for information for my brother i am not really, just interested in mvs anything mechanical does for me, i just have got involved with this*Austin*k2y and its putting up a fight, i really want to make an*automanaton*, robot, but another day, i am being pushed into a t ford now. regs rupert
  12. hi all, i am a bit out in the wilds here, so i am involved with my brothers long term restoration ( he thinks, could be right the way its going) of an 1941 Austin K2y Ambulance, A1207004 what there is of it, i want it in the ANZAC parade soon. trying to get some history for it, only a guess at north africa and then left with the australians in 1942 and New South Wales driver training school, (2nd AACC). also i need parts, not really an mv person its more the history / engineering. regs rupert
  13. if you look at page 256,the story of the RASC i think thats an RAF jeep, also page 323 has pics of an RASC air freight jeep, looks standard army paint, with extra touches.
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