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  1. Recently restored peugeot p4. Immaculate inside and out. Low mileage engine, on the button and a good drive. One of only a handful in uk, but parts are easy to buy. Historic motor class. Based on the mercedes g wagon, so formidable off road. Bristol based, but can deliver. 11,250 (no vat) Was used in gulf war and only recently released by french airforce.
  2. Yes that's a panhard aml60. I have a 90 in a state of disassembly as well. These are lovely little machines. I would ad pictures but cant seem to do that from a mobile for some reason..
  3. Yes there were two SPG's and one larger field gun too. The 'obus' versions had a fixed superstructure and one with a rotational turret.
  4. Everyone likes a 'rag to riches' restos - so heres a few. Two AMXs now completed, two in progress and a 'wreck' in the wings. I slowly purchased them all from a bone yard in Europe over the last 2 years, and have been working with a small team to (slowly) get them all going. Next year (2021) show season we should be exhibiting the AX13 105 (in sand colour below, but should be in green soon) - Feel free to come up for a chat and have a look around them at any of the shows. We should be at Tankfest in the tank park.. The pictures are 'before and afters'... We have also amassed a lot of spares and knowledge, so if you need any help, PM me. Thanks Baz
  5. Hi, the last six months has been busy. One cosmetic Amx13 restoration for a private collection, and I am currently working on an Amx 13 VCI (amx troop carrier) built in mid sixties and rebuild in 1980 I found it languishing in an armour bone-yard in Belgium. After a couple years of negotiations and a lot of paperwork, I got it back to UK just over a year and a half ago. It entered the workshop just before covid19 hit. Therefore progress has been slow yet steady as we can't have more than one person in workshop at a time.. More pictures as we progress.. Repaint completed, now on to engine, wiring, suspension and lastly reinstate the interior..
  6. Hi - I have lots of AMX parts left over from my recent restorations - I hope I can help the owners of AMX13 tanks with NOS and second hand parts. Please pass this on to any one you know who owns an AMX13 as I feel sure they may need parts at some point, and I can probably help! https://www.facebook.com/AMX13-Parts-supply-111907037157292/?modal=admin_todo_tour
  7. As part of the Fort Paull auction in June (museum closing) there should be two sumbs up for sale. They were mine I gave them to the museum in exchange for a knackered exhibit I was after. One was in very good nick, I had addressed all the rust and it ran sweetly with crisp brakes. The other was not very good, but I sprayed up so looked presentable.. I put the v8 from the knackered one on a stand as an exhibit for them..
  8. I seem to remember we used a series 3 landrover, it worked treat..
  9. This weekend members of the French army reenactment group started work on a rare beastie indeed. We will post up pictures of the restoration as we progress. This is a mortar carrier variant of the widely used AMX family of vehicles. It has sat outside in the holding area for a while.. gathering rain water.. But now its entering the workshop for some tlc. When purchased it came in a batch of stock standard vehicles, but soon we noticed it was slightly different in build and shape from the other vtt we have, so after inspection we can see it was originally a mortar carrier, that has been modified, probably for driving instruction use by a North European country. Manufactured by Sofem in 1964, and judging by the dates on the ammunition we found under the floor, probably in some sort of military use as late as the early 90's.
  10. THIS VEHICLE IS NOW SOLD. I have access to tons of NOS spares, so sourcing parts is available. Somerset based, only serious enquiries please. Baz
  11. All sorted, tracks tightening (after the pictures) steering adjusted. Just the remanufactured front canvas turret bellows to fit.. and we are complete.
  12. Just finishing off the interior, ready for show season this year. In all just over 2000 hours of labour and a fair whack of money - but worth it, as we are all (those that worked on it) very pleased with the outcome. This is especially true when we consider it was our first tank restoration... and working in its tiny confines was described by one chap as like; 'doing mechanics whilst potholing'. Next will be the VTT, but only once we have enjoyed driving/ showing this one.
  13. Turret now mounted on chassis.. Just fettling / detailing left to complete.
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