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  1. Awaiting her turn with my other projects. Just moved into a bigger workshop as old one had no floor space left. Which is essential when doing a full restoration.
  2. But changing all your tyres in one go, as any sensible vehicle owner should do, it wouldn't matter if you go back to the original size of 10.50. I know a lot of vehicles had the 11.00 fitted later but as you say on the Humber AC it doesn't fit as a spare. I expect if you could buy a new set of correct size tyres every Humber AC owner would jump at the opportunity as would DAC Mk1 owners? But of course it will be down to demand and Barry's decision. Great job he is doing BTW! I have 10 of the new 9.00x16's on order for my Ferret and Morris C8.
  3. Because the Daimler Armoured Car Mk1 came out with 10.50x20. Looks very nice compared to the bigger 11.00's. But whatever the demand may be 11.00 would be perfectly acceptable of course!
  4. Hi Barry, I would be interested in 10.50x20's and 7.00x18's, five of each please. If you're not considering 10.50 then 11.00x20 would also be ok. Cheers!
  5. You can order a repro from Rob van Meel here in the Netherlands if that helps?
  6. Gents, No use asking for parts or CES. Not going to sell anything seperate unless gun sells without the extras. As stated in add: Comes with loads of very rare accessories and many spare parts not sold seperately unless gun sells without these. Please don't ask for any of the CES or parts. Thanks.
  7. British 6 pounder 7 cwt anti-tank gun for sale in complete and good condition. Dutch old spec deactivation easily reversible into a blank firer! These guns very rarely come up for sale and hardly ever in such a complete condition plus also including loads of extremely rare CES and spares. A very desirable gun to hitch to your Loyd or Universal Carrier! Comes with loads of very rare accessories and many spare parts not sold seperately unless gun sells without these. Please don't ask for any of the CES or parts. Have a look at the photos and get an idea of what is included. M
  8. Hi Rob, Do you still have the body fittings please?
  9. Hello, Richard is correct. Here are some photos of a NOS Daimler Armoured Car carburettor. Yours is a front one, mine is a rear one. Hence the clamps are on opposite sides. Apart from the clamp that can be swapped over all other parts of the carburettors are 100% identical. Hope this helps. Good luck on your sale.
  10. Great progress! Can we please see and hear her engine run? Regards, Marc
  11. Hi Jon, It's a really nice restoration and all coming together nicely! I would only be a bit apprehensive with the position of your rear lights. Being that far forward they will be difficult to see from straight behind as possibly obscured by the tailgate steps and even more so from an angle. On my C8 the lights are positioned as you can see in the photo and I think in a much better, read safer, visible position. All the best with your beautiful C8! Regards, Marc
  12. Richard, Thank you for the details. I think the census number may still be on the drivers door under the last paint layer. Will sand it off to see. Regards, Marc
  13. Here are photos of the data plates. If anyone can give information on contract number that would be great! Regards, Marc
  14. Richard, Could the C8 / G.B not be C8 / C.B? For Compressor Body? Any information on my contract number in your Chilwell list? Regards, Marc
  15. Hi Stigve, Is that article to be found on-line somewhere? So far I have been rather unsuccesfull trying to find information on my C8 GS. Regards, Marc
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