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  1. Small arms id series by Ian Skennerton sais No5 containing parts list,, exploded drawings, fittings and accessories, clean, unfaded with a good spine. 13.00 inc postage (UK)
  2. Small arms id series by Ian Skennerton sais No5 containing parts list,, exploded drawings, fittings and accessories, clean, unfaded with a good spine. 13.00 inc postage (UK)
  3. Thanks for the interest but now all taken.
  4. No it's not a campaign for wrongful conviction but having a clearout and have the following, 2x 1966, 1x 1953, 1 x 1969 i think , 1 modern German marked Treibstoff, these are free to collect from cm18 Harlow.
  5. Thats for a dismounted atu and rod aerial for a c11/r210,the spike for going in the ground would attach through the lug on the side and the atu fits underneath,pic 1 is a view from the bottom.
  6. On this day In 1944 a flight of Mosquitoes took off from Hunsdon airfield in Herfordshire for a raid on Amiens prison in France where French resistance and political prisoners were being held,some awaiting execution,it was a precision attack with the walls being breached and a number of captives escaping although many were later caught but the raid did destroy a lot of German documentaion on resistants and other prisoners. There is some British Pathe film of the raid on youtube and a lot has been written about the raid if you care to search,i will raise a glass tommorow night to you gentl
  7. A chap in vmars has a vehicle mounting kit and i may have the paperwork for that on a HD somewhere,did BCC get swallowed up by Racal?
  8. I will have a look through the paperwork i have on it for the reference to the genny unless i have early paperwork and it never went into production but it was a BCC item.
  9. Hard to find with these ancills a A14 backpack with all ancills apart from the petrol genny which i have never seen,to include set,2 atu's,mains and battery chargers,mast,headset,handset,key,webbing,spare crystals,hand generator,dipole aerial with feeder,rod aerial's,sigs satchels etc,the set is crystalled up for 3.615 which is the vmars net or can be free tuned,i have more pictures if required and it is for collection from Essex.£750
  10. ws62 in working condition with nos pedal charger,crystal calibrator,headset/mike/sigs satchel,rod aerial,remote unit,morse key,spare valve case minus valves and power leads etc. A nice clean working 62set with a good selection of ancillaries,this is for collection only from Essex and can be shown working,£550 More pictures available if required
  11. Yeah i'l take a look at wpr,if you know Neil over on EMLRA forum he can give me a shout or a pm on here.
  12. Seen in the America's field next to a path that was unfenced,would say about inch and three quarters square and bending.
  13. Marlin, I have a 67 2a ffr and hummed and arghed over whether to finish in satin or gloss DBG and decided on satin in the end although i now wish it was gloss although as a previous post noted there is a wide variation of that colour,i think this is what made me go for satin which has weathered well and i beleive does not seem to collect as much road muck.
  14. Hi everybody, Name is Mick and reside in Essex and am the owner of a series 2a ffr landrover and a bdr trailer,the LR was a project vehicle for the Rapier air defence system and would i guess spent a lot of time in a BAE factory somewhere as it is fairly straight and low mileage,normally do the BB and Beltring along with some smaller local shows be they fete style or classic car. Safariswing you know me as we put Catweazle's tent back up.
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