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  1. Thanks Guys, Ill just have to admit it that DOWNUNDER were apparently around 10 years behind the rest of the world! Weve certainly gone backwards rapidly under the current political regime. Thanks & keep them coming Regards Bob K
  2. Hi Lee Thanks for the tip. Our intention at this stage is that we will purchase vehicles in the UK or Holland, drive them around Europe for about three months and then likely export them back to Australia in some cases, or simply leave some with friends to sell after our departure. We are looking to include the 2005 D'Day celebrations so there could be many changes in legislation by then. Another option for some of our group who have no interest in taking a vehicle home may be to purchase something from a collector or dealer on a buy back scheme or like arrangement. Best Regards Bob K
  3. Thanks for your reply ferretmk1 What type of spares are difficult as the mechanical stuff appears from my readings to be reasonably available and no worse so than Unimog stuff out here. Regards Bob K
  4. Thanks for the response Andy,it was what I expected to hear in that the early problems had been rectified by the Military as if they were all that bad I cant imagine the Government allowing them to be unleashed into the hands of the general public on public roads, but it proves how difficult it is to shake off the rumor mill once it starts. Hopefully there are further experienced forum members yet to comment and share their experience with me. Best Regards ODWILLYS
  5. Hi I'm New to the forum but as an avid collector & restorer of Military Vehicles it seemed appropriate to join. My background prior to retirement in 2001 was in the Maritime Industry in Australia and for many years I was the Chairman of The National Military Vehicle Museum based in South Australia. Currently my collection of ex military vehicles consists of 2x 1941 slat grill Willys,Cj2a Willys, Cj3a Willys, Cj3b long wheel base diesel powered Willys, 1947T Willys Truck and one of only two known remaining Chev 6 Seater Utility CMP Blitz's, plus a Mercedes U1300L Unimog ex the New Zealand Military. In the past I have owned 2x DKW Mungas ,Lend Lease Chevrolet Truck,Lend Lease International Ks5 Fire tender/pumper and a Ford F15 CMP Blitz. Best Regards to All ODWILLYS
  6. Hi I'm new to this forum but am interested in Military Vehicles and am considering coming over to Europe in 2014 for D Day celebrations an spending about 3 months traveling around sightseeing with a small group of other like minded Aussies. We all think it might be a good idea to purchase ex Military Vehicles on arrival and to roughly deck them out to enable us to travel around as a group and live in them, as a lot of us do whilst traveling in Australia and then to export them back to Australia when we leave. A good British friend of mine whom has recently been out here has suggested that the Reynolds Boughton RB44 would be a suitable suitable for our use and they seem currently to be readilly available and don't appear to be bad unit however some of the info of read on them appears to be very negative which is the reason I'm on this forum today. It would seem that they have a very well respected Perkins Engine with well tested American transmision and driveline which I understand to be similar to that on the Australian built OCCA which certainly has a good record out here. I would like to request feedback from persons who have had actual experience with these vehicles, either from a drivers or workshop perspective as I am finding it difficult to believe that they could possibly be as bad as some of the reports that Ive read on other forums from people who seem to like knocking anything that they don't own themselves or have never been involved with! Ive seen the same people setting themselves up as experts on Unimogs,G wagons etc when they openly admit under questioning that they have never had anything to do with them. OK guys hit me with what I need to know. Best Regards from Down Under Odwillys
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