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  1. Robin, can't tell if you have an engine leveler or not, but if you are in the market, here is a link to very inexpensive models sold by Harbor Freight. They are a US chain, but I think they ship to Canada. They even have 2 models: 3/4 ton http://www.harborfreight.com/automotive-motorcycle/shop-cranes/3-4-quarter-ton-capacity-heavy-duty-load-leveler-67441.html and a 2 ton... http://www.harborfreight.com/automotive-motorcycle/shop-cranes/2-ton-capacity-heavy-duty-load-leveler-60659.html For the very reasonable price, the larger unit seems to be a can't lose purchase... Edit: I
  2. I agree with the point that gun laws rarely deter criminals. I'm not sure if most of the members here realize, but the San Bernadino carnage in USA that happened recently occurred in spite of the fact that the weapons used were illegal in California. Someone who is willing to engage in terrorism and kill innocent people will not give a damn if the weapons they use are legal or illegal -- simply put, making "guns" illegal will not deter terrorists from using them! I am in USA and won't be affected by your legislation (I also don't own any guns or even deacs), but as I said in another thr
  3. The politicians are desperate to reassure the public they have terrorism "under control," and they will enact any kind of window dressing legislation, unless they think such legislation will be politically costly to their career (they will not be reelected) or their political party. The only way you can derail their plans is to go on the offensive and publicize that instead of taking REAL measures, they are taking phony measures, which dupe the public into a false sense of security; instead of spending effort and resources on legitimate tools that will make citizens safe, they are spending mo
  4. The cost of this is surely going to be picked up either by taxpayers or by fees levied against the same collectors whose necks are going to be squeezed. The regulators and bureaucrats don't give a rat's ass about the irrationality of their regulations -- all they want is a PR campaign where they can claim they "removed terrorists' access to weapons." Might as well ban cell phones, since terrorists are using them to communicate. What they should do is create a waiver program whereby if you are a collector, you can apply for a license, pass a background check and own whatever suits your fa
  5. I didn't realize it's a listing belonging to a member here. I was actually trying to orient myself on what they should fetch, rather than being critical. I wound up buying a few as a fluke and wasn't sure what to do with them (import them to US or try to barter them away while they are still in UK). When I bought them, I was bidding on something else, but mistakenly put the wrong lot # and... became the proud owner of never seen, but overpriced boiling vessels!!
  6. This is my Saracen when it finally was brought from the Baltimore Port, after two weeks at sea. I had to drive it off the truck in the pouring rain, had no clue (other than the idiot driving card left inside for port workers) on how to operate it! By the time I got it down, my pants were wet, and I'm not 100% sure it was only rain pouring in from the open hatch. Rarely been more nervous in my life, but I was an armor virgin no more!! Nick, sorry to be parachuting into your thread.
  7. My Saracen has landed in USA, and I have even managed to drive it twice. After the first 10 mile drive, which was as nerve racking as Columbus's journey to America in 1492 and probably took just as long, I discovered to my utter shock and chagrin a bunch of dark oil looking like fluid on the bottom of the hull. I don't want to hijack Nick's thread, other than to say, I wish I had corporate sponsorship right about now!!
  8. 120K for a Pig would make the owner quite a ... pig.
  9. I'm no expert on trailers, but this doesn't look like a tilt trailer, because the front seems welded to the frame. It has to be a US trailer, though, since importing one would be a colossal expense. I'm just wondering where I can find one like it:-)
  10. Is 55 pounds the going rate? Seems kind of pricey to me...
  11. Roger, feel free to use my photos. Please do post a link to the article on this forum, so we can all read it. Gary Pave Pennsylvania, USA
  12. Indeed, Robin, you have a keen eye. My Saracen is finished, but the Fox is still at Trackfix, I am fine with Baz taking his time with the work!
  13. If anyone is looking for a good quality American Flag to hang off their vehicle, this is the best deal around. Embroidered stars and metal grommets. $7.99 and they have a 20% coupon to boot. Link to buy it: http://www.harborfreight.com/3-ft-x-5-ft-american-flag-with-embroidered-stars-61716.html and coupon code for online use is: 10931259 Note: I am in NO way affiliated with Harbor Freight, but I do buy stuff there, and it's a well known store in US for selling very cheap tools and gear. This flag is good quality, as can be seen by the online reviews. I am posting this solely to help other me
  14. Jim, what is the trailer you are using, is it civvy? I am looking for something to tow my Saracen with my 5 ton and most of the trailers being sold aren't low enough (5 ton tag along trailers have decks that are over 3 feet high). I was thinking of buying a civvy trailer, but not sure how the brakes and 24V and trailer plug would all work out with military setup.
  15. Yup, the last mostly on topic post was mine, but no one has yet responded :-)
  16. Photos of my Fox's engine before and after OH. I can see the ribs but that's the extent of my expertise on identifying it. I believe it is not the original engine. Any ideas from the learned what type it is?
  17. What the hell would mice want to do or find to eat next to a gear box?? And as to the fuel degrading, forgive my naivete, but what happens when it degrades and how long must pass before this occurs? I have a Cadillac CTS-V that sat probably 5 months last winter and it showed no problems when I started it after its hibernation. I gather the Rolls B engine can't be compared with modern motors, but for the old gear, would adding fuel stabilizer help?
  18. I'm not sure I understand the difference between CVRW and CVRT J60 engines, but can you use this in your Fox? http://www.mod-sales.com/direct/vehicle/,40,/37073/Jaguar.htm
  19. Impressive restoration. I can only imagine this speed, quality and detail requires sprinkling of a lot of fairy dust!
  20. Robin, thanks for the link. Chris, one of the youtube comments mentions a Fox CVRW facebook group. I never found anything, do you know if that group still exists? I expect my Fox to arrive to USA in early 2016, so I'm keen to find who might have them on this side of the pond. I know of only two or three so far.
  21. Yup, they are a monopoly and customer service is a foreign concept.
  22. I was going to express my extreme jealousy at the cavernous storage building in which it was photographed, but it looks like it's not your own:-(. Storage is a huge issue, as I myself am finding out. After getting into this hobby, I am realizing I have to build a barn to store the merchandise!
  23. Chris, I know this is ancient, but I am very interested to see your rebuild photos, as I just bought a Fox and am having it restored. Unfortunately your links don't work. Are the photos up on any other site? Thanks!!
  24. Richard, this is great, thank you! I found this writeup, straight from a lubricant manufacturer, that compares various grades, standards and specs of gear oil and discusses some military specs and their equivalent, hopefully this will help someone: https://www.lubrizol.com/DrivelineAdditives/AutomotiveGearOil/GL5.html
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