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  1. Very cool, Terry, I now feel like I can bluff my way through any Saracen inspection, LOL. Actually, I like the color coding, made it much easier to tell what you are explaining. I take it the unit in the photo is MK6?? Is RFC more advantageous or less so? And is any type more valuable, rare or desirable than the other? I presume MK6 would be worth more because it's the "latest and greatest"?
  2. Lots of great info, thanks for educating me. Clear to me that it's best to get an "immaculate runner" right off the bat. Do they exist?? Other than milweb, is there a place to look? I've tried ebay and craigslist but nothing at all ever pops. And I was completely oblivioius that tires are at all an issue. I figured I'd just order something from tirerack.com when I need replacements...
  3. Terry, what makes it distinguishable as an MK6? The photo doesn't show slats on the grill, but I am not knowledgeable enough to know the various differences. Would like to learn though.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Assuming it's a legit company that is selling, I think it makes the deal somewhat safe. But you are right, it's never a bad idea to be extra vigilant.
  5. This may be too big, but the US m923a2 truck is a decent choice for 4 reasons: (a) turbo cummins and auto trans make driving easy. (b) It's large enough that most people stay out of your way; © tens of thousands are getting released by US DOD now at absurd prices (can buy an overhauled unit for under $10K USD, when military spent $100K to totally rebuild it); (d) it can be very useful, like if you need to haul 20 refrigerators or pull a bus from a mud bog, or give 20 kids a ride to the soccer game... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcEQ3h_-b3I
  6. Is this the picture of the actual purchased gun? It looks very nice! What was the cost? I'm almost tempted to mount one on the roof of my Chevrolet Silverado pick up truck, hehehe, it will make me popular with the neighbors;)
  7. I was considering buying a Stalwart, which is obviously not on the same level, but a guy who owned one famously said, something along the lines of "if you buy one and your wife doesn't divorce you, you found true love." I haven't bought one and my wife (thankfully) hasn't divorced me (yet), but she does think I am totally nuts. So I think the mad designation can be applied liberally to most devotees of military armor. It's just completely impractical and the rational common folk can't explain our passion any other way: that guy must be crazy to own that "........." (fill in the blank).
  8. Thanks all for the welcomes. I am impressed with this site. It is much more focused on nuts and bolts than the other site I belong to (Steel Soldiers), where when you ask a question, most of the answers are, literally, "read the TM". You Brits seem much more gentlemanly about the business of helping someone who's clueless and wants to learn. Thanks Again!
  9. Matt, thanks very much for your kind offer. Did you do the restoration all yourself? I'm wondering how many man hours of labor such a process involves. I realize it depends on myriad of factors, biggest two being starting condition and restorer's obsessiveness, but maybe you might have a range. Also, if you have a sense on prices and wouldn't mind sharing some wisdom, at what price is an unrestored vehicle a "steal" and at what price should I walk? The one I am looking at is missing the gun, the turret seat and a lot of the kit, but it's been stored inside and doesn't appear abused. The guy
  10. Thank you guys. I have actually emailed back and forth with Sammy, and considering also his Fox and Ferret offerings. I had asked him just today if he would overhaul third party vehicles or only his own inventory. I suspect he'd prefer to buy beaters, overhaul them and sell them vs. allowing customers to bring in their own stuff, b/c the margins are better that way. But maybe I'm wrong. I should know by Monday if the pricing from the other buyer has gone stratospheric and whether my prospects are still viable. If I'm able to offer the highest price, I will probably have to scramble for a
  11. Just to be safe, why not put some teflon tape on the thread before tightening the cap again?
  12. I am impressed and humbled at how much knowledge this site confers to guys like me (clueless). Thanks for the info!
  13. Have you started the paperwork process yet? I think you have to fill out Form 6 with ATF to import one. I am trying to figure that out...
  14. Hi all, Have found a very interesting Saracen located in Telford UK. Plan was to purchase it and overhaul it in UK before exporting it to US, where I live. But, Seller will not sell unless buyer inspects and the shops I was thinking about doing the overhaul are pretty far away. Seller emailed me today, saying another buyer is doing inspection this Sunday, so if I want it, to inspect it quickly. The other buyer apparently offered more, so I also have to deal with prospect of bidding war. Does anyone know someone that can do a prepurchase inspection? The vehicle is owned by a company
  15. I read on Steel Soldiers forum that someone in USA was developing manufacturing options and had spent a lot of time/effort on the undertaking. Not sure of status, but that may be another resource. I would love a halftrack, but thus far relegated to drooling only.:-)
  16. Hi Just wanted to introduce myself, have been lurking for a while and decided to join. I am located near Philadelphia, PA, which is about 80 miles south of New York City for those unfamiliar with US geography. I am looking to purchase some British armor as a beginning collector, and considering Ferret, Fox, Saracen. My idea was to source something in UK and have it overhauled there before importing it to US. This forum is very educational, a massive amount of information and it's great to see so many share their passion.
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