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  1. Well; Here in the USA, my Fox has been listed For Sale for about 4 yrs- no offers even. Photos are on Mapleleaf. Didn't know about the rarity when I bought it, but we went for a 60 mph drive on the Idaho freeways that day. Even without a gearbox I could see that hull in 2 wheel drive with a truck engine and trans, driving down the road. Newc
  2. A few Complete Foxs got to the States and I have one. Before restoration it was full military and complete. I understand of only the original [300] only 47 or so got released. The turrets are still active?? Mine is For Sale in Oregon USA on Mapleleafup. I sold my Ferret and it was more serviceable... Stateside title as a Daimler still not correct. Dave.
  3. MVPA has lost it's insurance coverage for events. A member wide email explained the occurance that 'triggered' this decision. An unattended personal weapon left in an MV, was found and discharged by a spectator-wounding another spectator. Now all weapons at MV events are suspect. Newc
  4. Ok; I have a spare J60 with the crank nut there, so I was hoping to fab an engine crank. thanks Newc
  5. Engine last ran 4yrs ago and Jaguar folks caution about sticky valves- recommend hand cranking engine over for a while, before starting. Fox is very complete with most kit, but no crank! thanks Newc in Oregon USA
  6. Careful; the Simca variation is a V8 60-- the small version of the Ford V8 flathead. Some of those Simca V8s are desirable, especially the Brazilian overhead versions. Newc
  7. Hi; My Fox CVR[w] J60 was rebuilt in the USA with high compression car pistons- overbore so the liners were removed and the cooling system could NEVER handle the engine heat. Ruined the engine basically. The original J60 operated on the edge of the military cooling system for a reason. Newc
  8. So, inorder to name [label] a CVR[w] Fox , you would list it as a Diamler product on title and goverment licencing papers? ROF Leeds is not a recognized vehicle mfgr Name for title and or insurance- especially in the States.?? Newc
  9. Hi; the 70's Fox cvr[w] is supposed to be Alvis built, but oddly there is some controversy about that. I understand that only 296 were built and about 47 got surplussed, some to the States. More info is always welcome Newcoregon
  10. I don't have them, but on Mapleleafup ,the info is there just incredible, what is happening without a bill of rights. Newc [USA]
  11. Hi; I'm in the USA so shipping is too problematic. I have one intert blue bullet sample and will have it copied in plastic. Thanks Newc
  12. Hi; Can't let mine go, but they are around with a solid bullet inert blue color. I was told to have the extras 3D printed. Newc
  13. Hi; Looks like a Royal Enfield single cyl, has its numbers and a unit badge on the tank .. a yellow triangle with a black horse. the motorcycle is on Craig's list Portland, Oregon under motorcycle parts. the bike is intack.. all together.. Craig's list post ID no. 7048050052.. It's located in the city of Grants Pass, Oregon. A good photo is posted in the add. Maybe you could ring the owner up and get the idea of what it is. Yes this is the second post today about this bike, cause it did not show up in New posts. Newc
  14. On Portland, Or motorcycle parts. A complete British single cyl military motorcycle; Looks to be WW2 It is located in Grants Pass, Oregon. Craig's list Post No. ID 70480500052 Good hunting; I'd post a link if I knew how. Newc
  15. In the USA try Fordbarn.com. in fact two surplus carrier engines were sold there this Summer. still in Military crates. 24 stud 59a engines 1939-42. newc
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