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  1. Welcome aboard. I have been dying to get some stuff from Czech republic, like a Saurer 4K that was offered by Mortar Investments, but then logic and practicality start to take small bites. You are lucky to be in Czech, I understand there is a ton of gear still floating around Eastern Europe that has been unrestored.
  2. I would start digging around the back yard, if the seller abandoned the Fox, chances are there's buried gold everywhere:cool2:. If you are thinking about getting back in the hobby, this might be a message from the man upstairs to get started! Please, whatever you do, don't just scrap it at the recycling yard. At least let this community preserve it by having someone here take it. I am sure you will be able to get scrap + from any collector. The satisfaction of knowing it's going to get a new life is also going to be worth something. Please do post some photos.
  3. Thanks Terry, in my infinite wisdom, I bid on a bunch of BV's selling at sealed bid auction, so now I have to hope that my bid is not going to win!!
  4. Does the Saracen have boiling vessel outlet?
  5. I just noticed the toilet/seat combo, very handy I suppose when you gotta go, but they're shooting at ya... or maybe you gotta go because they're shooting at ya.
  6. Why is straight bar unsuitable for towing? And why is A frame better -- it spreads forces across two points or is there another reason?
  7. Chris, Looking at the pix of it on your driveway, I have to ask: are those pavers? If so, doesn't the weight of the machine or track action damage the surface? I have pavers on my driveway, they are just dry laid on gravel and sand, but interlock like yours. So I am wondering whether driving a Fox on them would be too risky.
  8. Step 1: drink few shots ov vodka vid de comrads. Step 2: go for draiv in tank Step 3: see trailer, think of vooman next door name Nadya. Step 4: mount trailer like mount Nadya, poke first, think last. Step 5: fall off trailer, hit head, must have more vodka for headache.
  9. Probably a dumb question, but why is there so much water in the engine bay? Things look very rusty. Is that just from sitting outside? I would have thought the compartment would be rain proof.
  10. This promises to be an interesting thread! And a huge amount of work!! I enjoyed reading your thread on steel soldiers site describing the journey from UK to California. Keep the pix coming.
  11. I assume you have local outfits that produce and install pole barn type buildings. Here is a link to a US vendor, but metal building vendors should be around everywhere. The website below lets you get pricing based on size, configuration, etc., so you can have an idea at least... http://www.gaport.com/garages.htm
  12. Gents, I am currently having my Saracen overhauled by a shop and after re-reading this thread, I had asked the shop to add electronic ignition. I think there are kits to do this. Does anyone have experience with any specific kit for the B80 and where to source them? Also, is the low pressure fuel pump suggested in this thread a worthwhile addition? Any recommendations on model to get? How costly is the pump, and does it really enhance operating reliability? Mine is a MK6 and I live 100 miles from NY, so it's not a "hot" climate... though it can hit 40 C on summer days.
  13. Some of these links appear dead. Does anyone have info or pix on what mount and machine gun would be used in the turret of a Saracen? I believe the one I bough is a MK6 version, I thought it takes a 30 cal. Browning, but I have been told by someone working on it that it is a GPMG. I would like to purchase a dummy gun, want to make sure I don't get the wrong piece. What makes it more difficult is I haven't actually seen the Saracen with my own eyes, and I'm an ocean away from its current whereabouts, so logistics of "making sure" are not easy.
  14. Here is a military trailer that will fit 10 foot wide MV. My guess it was made for tank hauling. Cost Uncle Sam $229K, sold for $36K... http://www.govplanet.com/jsp/s/item/549273?kwtag=p13n-V&h=
  15. They are now being routinely sold on GL and other auctions in USA. I have to imagine the sale price is less than 10 cents on the dollar of what Uncle Sam paid. But you still need a step deck or lowboy trailer, correct? Here's a current auction... http://www.govplanet.com/for-sale/Trucks-Conventional-Tractor-1994-Oshkosh-M1070-8x8-HET-Truck-Wisconsin/549564?h=5000%2Cct%7C30%2Cc%7C2866&rr=0.07692&hitprm=c%3D2866,ct%3D30&pnLink=yes
  16. Thanks, I did read every post with forensic attention. I understand the physics behind most people's concerns about the DROPs, and that lower center of gravity is safer on turns. But I still thought DROPS would be safer in stopping, since you have a rigid platform that won't jack knife. I realize there are myriad of other factors (securing load, axle weight, loading/unloading), so maybe I should just drive my vehicles to where ever I plan to go
  17. I think experience in the trenches counts for a lot. If someone hauling loads for a living is discouraging me, I have to listen. I am not as skilled as the guy in the video below:
  18. I was going to suggest the same thread posted above. Note that the guy ferrying his 432 welded up extensions to make his rack wider to accommodate the track width. I have no idea if those extensions are suitably rated for the load, but it seemed like a substantial amount of work. Maybe worth making an effort to talk to him and even look at his setup, if you are local.
  19. Is the polarizing issue in this thread that DROPs may be unsafe with 432's due to the weight and height of the load carried or that carrying any armored vehicles (say lighter ones) using DROPS is still not a good idea? I am pondering whether DROPs would be a nice solution to move Saracen or Fox, which I just bought and working to import to US. I own a 5 ton (m923a2), but hauling either Saracen or Fox would require a trailer, which means yet another piece of equipment to store, register, maintain, etc. For me, driving a combination would be much more difficult, especially backing up and parkin
  20. I managed to purchase a Saracen and a Fox, they are being overhauled in UK now. I also filed Form 6's (one for each vehicle) and to my utter shock, I did not screw anything up, so they did get approved in less than a month. I will PM you, since I saw on another thread you are ahead of the game and waiting to get your CVRT thru customs.
  21. Fast forward to 2015 and wondering how this turned out! Did you ever pull the engine? Is all the work done?
  22. No idea, but I'm sure Matt, Richard F. and Terry are going to help you. They are very knowledgeable with all things Saracen...
  23. Robin, I apologize, I had it on my list to call you, but I got jammed before leaving on family vacation to Mexico and never did. I will call you when we are back in US.
  24. Thanks everyone for the advice. I am going to learn to roll with the punches. It's still many months before I actually see it, but I will have the shop do as much as possible mechanically. They started taking stuff apart this week, but I am on vacation and only have limited contact. I just heard they will have to fabricate the front shroud due to rust on existing piece, but that is all I know for now.
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