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Foden Recovery - tech info required.

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Hi all.

Are there any Foden Eka owners who have access to tech publications or repair manuals concerning the air system?

Im looking at a Foden recovery with a pain in the butt air system.

Initially the truck wouldn't build up any air pressure.

I found the cause of that (dodgy governor and sticking purge valve on the air drier) but now the truck has no pressure at the range change of PTO switch. No air pressure at the distribution block under the engine cover either.

Im guessing I have a stuck relay valve somewhere but as I have no air system diagram of tech info I'm struggling to locate the issue.

Any help much appreciated.

Thank you


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I've got all of the manuals for the Foden so if there is any specific info that you want, I'm happy to scan and e-mail to you or photocopy and send. Just let me know and I will dig-out the relevant pages.



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Thanks Mike - Life saver.

Id like the tech description on the air system and repair section on the same. 

I'd be happy to pay for a set of manuals - disc or paper If it can be done. 

I have the operators manual and commercial parts list but can't find anything else.

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