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24v Landie refusing to start

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On to of all the other rap right now - the Landrover is refusing to start!!  I had to replace the head gasket after the Peterborough show and, in the process of reassembly, lost one of the domed nuts that holds the rocker cover on.  Couldn't find it anywhere till I started rotating the engine by hand to do the tappets.  It had dropped into #3 cylinder exhaust port. So took the manifolds off again and hooked it out.  Re-ran the compression tests again - 150 psi on all 4 cylinders - just to make sure all was well then continued reassembly.  Had a bit of a hiatus after the events of Oct 15th so its only the last couple of days that I've got the will to go back and finish.  Completed reassembly on Sat morning, went to start it - and nothing. Zilch. Nada.  It just spun over with no sign of firing.

I checked and made sure all was connected up as it should be - it was - then checked I had 24 volts going into the filter/dropper unit.  There was - but still nothing.  Hooked out #1 plug - earthed it, spun her over and - no spark!!  At this point I gave up as it was one short step from picking up a large hammer and going berserk....

Yesterday I got the lead out of the coil and checked the voltage there - 24v...  Not right, should only be 12v so obviously an issue with the filter/dropper box.  Refitted the coil lead and spun it over again - and it tried to catch  Just the once and then just kept spinning again.  I found that if I removed and refitted the lead from the dropper to the coil then tried to start it would do the same.  So possibly more than one problem has surfaced at the same time.  First step is to get 12v coming out of the filter/dropper.  Does anyone know if they can be rebuilt using components from somewhere like Maplins - and if so - which is the most likely component to have failed to give 24v straight through rather than dropping it down to 12v??

Once this is sorted I can look at the coil and condenser.

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Neil it should actually be 10v from the filter box, but as this is essentially just a fancy resistor it will only give that voltage when the points are closed. When the points are open there is no current flow so there will be no voltage drop so you will have 24v on the output side of the filter unit. Other queries you raised are addressed in this:



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