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  1. Additional documents you MIGHT need to have to drive in the EU after March 29th Brexit https://insidedvla.blog.gov.uk/2019/02/19/driving-abroad-after-brexit-things-are-changing/?fbclid=IwAR2j8uj3U0_Dfp3uAimYRSrnAPinu0hhX22VrgZ8XZKmHzcpIGpZkE8So0Q
  2. Yes the subject of OGEL is on the MVT Facebook page, following clarification from the Government, advise is that owing to the uncertainty of any current agreements continuing, All ex military vehicles regardless of age going abroad for Normandy etc. should accordingly have an OGEL , an Open General Export Licence, ...yet another document that may not ever be asked for, but you never know in the future when returning to the UK without one, ...as previously discussed on here, to register for an OGEL can be done fairly easily online .
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    2019 MVT normandy tour whos going

    Driving to Normandy, ..information from .Gov about new documents that May be required for driving abroad after a no deal Brexit https://insidedvla.blog.gov.uk/2019/02/19/driving-abroad-after-brexit-things-are-changing/?fbclid=IwAR2j8uj3U0_Dfp3uAimYRSrnAPinu0hhX22VrgZ8XZKmHzcpIGpZkE8So0Q
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    these guys are good http://www.southerncarbs.co.uk/
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    1942 Willys Jeep Auction

    A very nice genuine looking Willys, registered in 1959 it could have been from one of the last batch of Jeeps released from British Army in '59
  6. Nick Johns

    Number plates

    "Show Plates" are sold on Ebay
  7. Nick Johns

    Finding the history of my Bedford MWD

    If the Bedford was rebuilt in 1953 depending on which level of rebuild was carried out it could mean overhauled/reconditioned body parts from other Bedfords were used for the rebuild, so any markings found under the paint may not neccesarily relate to your bedford
  8. Nick Johns

    AEC Matador 853

    Matadors were originally modified for the planned Invasion of Norway,... and as in the above post, Petrol engines were thought more suitable for the conditions
  9. Nick Johns

    T2 Hanger Floor Pit

    Aircraft Weighbridge? 3 weighing pads for nose wheel and main undercarraige?........at Dunsfold airfield lots of Aircraft were assembled and developed there including the Harrier
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    Albion A10 wheels on EBAY.

  11. Nick Johns

    Rare Marder 1a3 for Sale

    Marder was in the Littlefield Collection https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/LC14/The-Littlefield-Collection/lots/r0076-marder-1a3-infantry-fighting-vehicle/574327
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    1942 Ford GPW Jeep

    It certainly has a New body tub, later Hotchkiss engine, gear driven cam, crankshaft double pulley, and a Post war CJ rear axle, semi floating hubs, ...interesting as CJ axles are a different ratio to the front WW2 axle, be a lot of transmission wind up if 4wd is selected
  13. Carrying passengers for Hire & reward is all getting bit complex now, firstly you can only carry up to 8 passengers using a Car licence, Also will need a Private Hire licence issued by your local Council ... To carry More than 8 paying passengers you need to hold a PCV (Bus) Licence and you would also need an Operators Licence to operate the vehicle/s The big problem is Insurance cover for the passengers, No Insurance Company would insure a Dodge WC51 and similar vehicles which are open sided cargo trucks for Passenger Hire & reward use, the side facing bench seats are not acceptable, Passengers have to be seated in forward facing seats, then there would have to be modifications required to make the vehicle comply for passenger transport. ...larger vehicles over 3.5 Ton like a 6x6 GMC would also need to operate a Tachograph too for more than 8 Passengers..... The only military vehicle which Might be acceptable to Insurance requirments and comply, but it can Only carry a few paying passengers is a Dodge Command Car, WC56 which is basically a 4/5 seat passenger car..
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    There are some Mack NM's in preservation, in civvy use most were used as breakdown trucks or snowplows, the original petrol engine often replaced with diesel, Previous posts below, click on " Mack NM"
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-46841591
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    Bedford mj/mk or daf upgrade questions

    Beware of Bedford MK/J/DAF, advertised for sale as MOT exempt, changes to MOT Exemption regs back in May means all the Loophole exemptions on Form 112G have been removed, Post 1960 commercials over 3.5ton Virtually all are required to be tested now and can no longer be taxed without a test certificate, the new 40year old pre 1978 VHI, vehicles of historic interest MOT Exemption Only applies to vehicle up to 3.5tons
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    Bargrips, ..Sold

  19. Nick Johns

    RAF land rover Breakdown/tow truck 1960's

    NO, thats just a blue civilian 107" Landrover cut down back body a very old crane typical garage breakdown, and fake Royal Navy sign on the door
  20. Nick Johns

    RAF land rover Breakdown/tow truck 1960's

    I have never seen or heard of a Military or RAF Landrover fitted with a Harvey Frost crane in service use, there is always the possibility of an RAF main workshop equiping one, it would be interesting to hear what history do you know about your 109 that leads you to think it may have had a crane , very likely it had a crane fitted in later civilian life, ..
  21. Nick Johns

    42 GMC cckw

    Previously a Diamond T 980 prime mover could be operated as an MOT exempt "Heavy Locomotive" vehicle to haul a laden Drawbar trailer, now the recent changes to MOT exemptions Heavy Locomotives built on a production HGV vehicle will Now have to be tested, as will All heavy trailers will have to be Tested too if used laden
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    Mercury Tractor Tug

    Ford 10 hp engine and gearbox
  23. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-dorset-45784384/divers-explore-studland-bay-s-sunken-d-day-tanks
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    1944 Leyland Hippo