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  1. Usual vague government regs below, but scroll to the bottom and Heavy motor car or locomotive, heavy tractor used before 1938 need only be braked on half its number of wheels, http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/schedule/3/made
  2. looks like its a reproduction seat, or somone has repaired it with some neatly made up panels
  3. Rare item for restoration https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW-2-LODORMOBILE-FORKLIFT-EX-RAF/274214826765?hash=item3fd87a330d:g:RiAAAOSwOFZeJMWD
  4. The famous surviving D Day diesel locomotive, "Overlord", is preserved at the Chatham Dockyard museum
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BEDFORD-QL-BREAKDOWN-RECOVERY/312942762851?hash=item48dcd79b63:g:eA0AAOSw55peG6Bh
  6. Also as its 1967 over 3.5 ton will need an HGV licence to drive it, the exemptions Still remains at Pre 1960 Large commercials
  7. Complete Myth...along with all the other myths of someone buying a truck and found a load of bikes in the back, and the old tale of Jeeps in packing cases sold cheap....it Never Happened ! ...nearly always told by somone who had Never been to a Military disposal auction
  8. All types of Jeep steering wheels are similar diameter
  9. Simple answer, the Crossley is Not 1938, a dvla check shows the Crossley was first registered in 1976, back then the Historic exempt from mot category was Pre 1939, so every old imported/re registered vehicle was Declared as such, dvla never asked for any year verification proof just accepted what was declared on the application, ...there are lots of ww2 post '39 vehicles about with spurious year of manufacture on the V5 reg. document
  10. Yes, there was a post on here some years back about an original Petrol engined Matador someone had just aquired. A batch of petrol engined matadors were apparently built as a special order for the Military for the proposed invasion of Norway as it thought they would be better coping with the sub zero weather and problems of diesel fuel freezing. The invasion never happened.nearly all the petrol ones would probably been converted to diesel after the war
  11. Great to see the Atlantic wall in 3D, ..I was there last year, its well hidden in the trees so not very easy to find, its on an MOD training ground but is open to the public, the huge concrete replica of a section of the Normandy Atlantic Wall was built by Canadian engineers in 1943 on Hankley common, Surrey to experiment what type of explosive charges were needed to breach the wall. Hankley Common was a top secret training area during ww2, also used to test a lot of Percy Hobarts "funnies"
  12. DVLA search Leyland WSV 794 shows the last road taxed expired in 2004, also the last V5 issued was also in 2004 (change of owner?} maybe its in a museum or its gone abroad
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-sussex-50679671/spitfire-pilots-return-to-goodwood-after-round-the-world-trip
  14. the passenger seat and back seat may be Hotchkiss, the kick plate on the back of the drivers seat has been modified, not original
  15. the only information one can get from the original bonnet/hood number is to clarify the production build date, the date of delivery, which is stamped on the dash locker lid plates if your jeep still has the original plates, there are no surviving military records of the history where the jeep served that could be ascertained from the hood number,..bare in mind so many jeeps were completly overhauled, rebuilt from overhauled parts, sometimes several times, whilst in service, so the bonnet may not be the original one
  16. Its 1971 so since the mot exemption changes it needs test now,
  17. 1943? which part? Looks to be mostly Hotchkiss, its 24v too, even registered as 1958 with an ITM chassis number, it may be on a ww2 chassis
  18. There is an update added to the first post at top of this page
  19. The Train robbers used an Austin Loadstar, not a Bedford RL, and they had Ser.1 & 2 Landrovers,
  20. no clutch brake , just good old crash gearbox, ..GMC's have a nice gearbox to use compared to some others of the period, just practise take gear changes slow to start with
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