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Good day all! My name is Craig Tanner and I live in Burton New Brunswick, Canada. I am about 20 min south of the capital, Fredericton and 10 min from the Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.


I have recently retired from the army after serving close to 31 years. I am or was infantry by trade. I have always been extremely interested in military history especially WW2. I have started a restoration of a 1944 Chev 15 CWT

Wire 5, with a lot of help from my friend and country neighbor, Bill. I have attached a couple of pictures of the process and where I am in the process. My friend has the Diamond T and a F15a CMP KL welding rig you will see in some of the pictures in helping me tow and unload things! It's great to have good friends!

Wire 5 036.jpg

Wire 5 006.jpg

Van box recovery.jpg

Wire 5 015.jpg

Wire 5 017.jpg

Frame 006.jpg



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Thank you all for the warm reception. I have been thoroughly enjoying the various restoration threads! I will keep you posted on my project. It has been a slow moving project, and sometimes it almost seems a little overwhelming, but, I just look at some of the outstanding craftsmanship that I see here and get a morale boost.




Craig Tanner

Burton New Brunswick


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hi Craig i also served in 3 CDO airborne regt back in the late 80,s early 90,s.i know of one Ram tank on the 84mm M72 range but it is in sad shape,lots of impact damage.is this the one you are refering to? perhaps there are more out on the range.there is also a Chaffee turret laying off one of the firing pads on base.

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