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Vehicle registrations


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The only name I recognise is at the top of the list is Peter Brown. Not in recent times but I have been in contact with him some 20 years ago, but regularly articles appear from him in the Tank Museum mag & other places.


I would have every reason to trust his observations. I think the list is a record of personal observations of the vehicles themselves & from photographs. I think you can feel safe that it is not a churning out of lists done by others that one sometimes sees around the place nor do I think it is copied from Fleet Transport Society.


I'm sure these are an accumulation of various observations made over decades. One leading authority I know records any MV he sees on the road. I was amazed when this particular person visited me once & was able to inform me of the ERM batch of my TUL without looking at the plate. He later informed he had seen it twice when in service with the time, date, location & where it was heading! So people do go to great lengths to record all sorts of detail.


Getting back to Peter's list. I compared it with a few examples I knew about & it made sense. So I think it can be reasonably trusted.

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