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Auction of Melbourne Military Museum


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As seen on MILWEB:


The lifelong collection of renowned Australian military vehicle collector John Belfield. Including hundreds of lots of tanks, APC's, armoured cars and personnel carriers, amphibious landing craft and vehicles, jeeps, motorcycles, tank transporters, wrecker trucks, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft guns howitzers, mortars, mobile radar unit, mobile field kitchen, searchlights, military collectables and ephemera, from World War One to Vietnam. Viewing: Friday 21st April 10am- 4pm Saturday 22nd April 10am - 4pm Sunday 23rd April from 9am. On site at 456 Belgrave Hallam Road, Narre Warren North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+61 (0) 439 493 038 or +61 (0) 2 9327 9900




Anybody know why this collection is being auctioned?

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Seems to be the thing in Oz- Some one has a museum, gts old then sells it all off rather than preserving the collection for posterity.


I was bidding on a DUKW last year under similar circumstances - alas it got to the point where, with shipping back to the UK it was unviable so had to drop out. Think the closing price was around Aus $ 70,000 :(

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