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Lightweight Data Plate


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Ok all you clever people out there, apart from the obvious one what can you tell me about this information on the plate;


SERIAL NO: 95105685A




REG NO: 21 HF 02


CODE NO: 1625-0778


NSN: 2320-99-893-2847


any information gratefully received thank you

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Mark within than particular contract, of the variants that are the same as yours, there was a big batch from 17 HF 55 to 21 HF 11 for the year 1979.


"Code" is the Asset Code which seems to have greatest use in Ordnance depots. The first part comprises the Establishment Code Number & the second part the Vehicle Code Number. Introduced in the mid 1960s it replaced an earlier codification of 6 digits + 2 digits + 3 digits.


It is more convenient to use that the "NSN" (NATO Stock Number), which again is a unique identifier but has more usage in documents & identification of vehicle type & matching it to components that are themselves codified with a NSN.

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Mine was also 1980, I didn't get any release paperwork with mine so had to get a letter with the date in service, which was 1980. Since yours was made around the same time I would expect yours to be 1980 too.



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