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Ferret buying advice.

Rick W


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Had a look at your video Chris (it needs a narrative!), it did look a bit rough when you bought it. Did you have any issues with the drivetrain or gearbox during restoration?



as far as drivetrain is concenred you won'y really know if you have a good'un unless you strip it down, the tracta forks are a very rare spare replacement part but take an awful lot of abuse before they become worn out (chronic pitting and so slippage) so you have to be really unlucky for that to be an issue


the gearbox is easy to set up once you have bought the right manual to tell you how to do it, spare bands, if you need them, are still available but again that will be unlucky

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My Ferret came from Withams, straight out of the MoD. It hadn't had a civilian owner to abuse it, it had also done 590 miles since rebuild in 1972, therefore the mechanicals were in good order. I have had to rebuild a gearbox for the Fox, it's not quite as scary as everyone would have you believe.



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