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Equipment stowage - no reference to canvas buckets

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I recently came across this picture in the superb French Vehicules Militaire magazine.



Now dont get me wrong, it is a superb "last nut and bolt" (e'crou et verrou) restoration, but i was a bit taken aback by the vast amount of kit hanging on the side (it is just the same on the other side as well). Now my instant thought would be that some one would nick it even if i was driving down the M25, or it would fall off or be knocked off by the hedges.


So my question is, although it looks good, how authentic is it? Are there many pictures of vehicles this weighed down with equipment? Also, would it be correct for a vehicle assigned to the artillery to be carrying what appears to be bangalore torpedoes strapped to the outside of the truck. They might not actually be bangalores, they might be tubes for cleaning out the barrel, or in fact poles for holding up netting, any thoughts anbody? Were jerrycan spouts hung from the canvas water buckets?


So your task (if you chose to accept it) is to find pictures of stowage patterns so we could confirm what sort of practices were followed. Here is the first one of a Jeep with the 106th Cavalry (interestingly, the 106th referred to all of their Jeeps as "Bantams" right through the war).



Similarly to the GMC, it has Musette bags and bed rolls hanging from the side. More unusually there appears to be a 30cal ammo tin hanging from the spare tyre bracket. Also an entrenching tool has been put through the rear grab handle. The carrying of Germans on the hood was not a common accessory, but a common practice with the 106th in the latter stages of the war. They do not reflect like a windscreen would.


Tim (too)

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That looks like a Mack truck 5 ton more than likely. I am a canvas bucket man myself and consider any truck with a canvas bucket well dressed. :D I have hung other items on my CCKW for display purposes but never in a parade. As my truck was used by the Army Air Force and carrys a local air field markings, anything that is added are things that would be used on a flight line truck, such as an aircraft tow bar and fire extinguishers.

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