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Any information welcome


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Do you mean a Traffic? Made St. Louis, Mo. 1918-1929. Pre-1925 models are easily identifiable by a having semi-circular front chassis cross-member that doubles as a bumper and used a 3,610cc 4-cylinder Continental Red Seal engine, Covert 3-speed gearbox and Russel internal gear final drive.


Does that sound like yours?

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I would agree with that and also never used by the military.


There is one survivor in the UK, which was used in the film those magnificent men in their flying machines - as the ride for the travelling air circus - it carried the early aeroplane of the two American brother pilots. You should restore yours to looklike that one John. It would be most appropriate.


One was found in the UK a few years back. Someone thought it was a steam Thornycroft chassis for a while and the Basingstoke (Thornycroft) museum became very excited, until i spoke to the curator and told him that it was not and then he became very dissapointed. There is a running one in California that i was given a picture of a while ago.


Tim (too)

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The survivor in the UK used to be based in Milton Keynes (I think) the registration number was K 7611 and it was built in 1918.

I do remember it at some HCVC rallies in the late 70's and early 80's.

Does it still survive I wonder.

I am sure I have a photo of iy somewhere, will have to start digging again!!

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It is amazing how many of these old trucks are still tucked away, only to come out every now and again.


I have been looking on Youtube for the Traffic clip in the film "Those magnificent men in their flying machines". Youtube could be a fabulous tool but it is a little sad that it is mostly used for mankinds baser instincts.


I did find a couple of clips of the film, including one of Sarah Miles getting her skirt ripped off. There is a good clip of the movie at:




Which does not show the Traffic but is quite fun.


Tim (too)

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