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Dorset Steam Fair 2006

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Hello All,


Has anyone got any idea of the Dorset Steam Fair dates this year? We do fancy giving this show a go this year, have heard it is very good. Do find that at the steam fairs we tend to get alot of interest in the vehicles. It has been common for it to take over and hour to unload as people so fasinated in the military vehicles.


Thanks in advance



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The GDSF website is at http://www.gdsf.co.uk/ but it's still under reconstruction at the moment.


I organise the Diesel Heavy Haulage section at GDSF. Last year we had several ex-military vehicles. Three Rotinoffs, a Thornycroft Antar with 50 ton Dyson Trailer, a Scammell Amazon (big Crusader) with a Centurion ARV on a semi-trailer, a Diamond T plus a couple of Scammell Constructors.

This is not just a static show, the vehicles spend the five days of the show towing trailers or eachother around the playpen, a large fenced off area shared with the steam heavy haulage.

Not only is it the only opportunity to see three Rotinoffs in one place (there are only six in the country) it is the only place to see the bigger trucks grossing over 100 tons up a 1:12 hill.


I've put a few pictures on my website at http://www.aecmilitant.co.uk/gdsf/home.html although I could do with updating it.

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Thanks for the dates Mark. Had tried looking for their website.


Thanks Graham, have been to your website before some interesting pics there. Think I have spoke to you before about going to the Great Dorset Steam Fair, it does seem worth the visit.


Silly question, but where is it held



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