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Mixed fuel and the law


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When using waste fuel in a vehicle i.e. petrol/diesel mix, how do you stand with the law if your vehicle/fuel is inspected by the police.

I have noticed that a lot more fuel tests are being done to combat the use of red diesel and wonderd if you could be at risk of a fine or worse!!!!!

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Yes I'd agree. Petrol has duty paid (and don't we know it) so does white disiel. Years ago before winterised disiel was introduced, there was a debate wether you could use alcahol to stop waxing, and did it have to be branded alcahol ie Johnny Walker so that tax was paid. Dear old 70's again. Any way with the change on vegatable oil bio disiel, what would happen if that came up on test? After all if it was originally 'Food' oil, no tax would have paid as the 'Food' is VAT exempt.

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