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  1. Everyone will have their own opinion of this film good or bad. I thought it was very good if you didn't over think it, but the best bit is that it has got everyone talking about Dunkirk and all involved.
  2. Hi Timbo they must have been the same ones as they were coming from the M1 direction.
  3. 3 tank transporters at A5/A43 roundabout Towcester today, very impressive sight, even though they were unladen.
  4. Going through Dunchurch this morning sand coloured cvrt scimitar, possibly one of Andrew Bakers collection.
  5. What i think was a U.S. M10 or M332 ammunition trailer, Looked like it had a recent paint job being towed by a modern pick-up 4x4 in Daventry Northants at about 16:30 today. Anyone on here ?
  6. 15:30 hrs today northbound on A5 between Towcester and Weedon, Dodge ambulance and jeep, looked great !
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