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News from Downunder


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This is just to let you all know that I am still here and following your exploit's.

I see that your holiday to Salisbury went well, but I couldn't find a P3 Orian to take another photo on that weekend.


The Vickers has its tracks back on and I am waiting for warmer weather to finish paint the interior, than I will pull it out and give her a final coat on the exterior.

Our lynx is on the road and every Tuesday I take it for a walk around the block.


We have 2, 816 wreckers and after fixing the brakes and servicing the crane I have 1 that we got from Woomera going, so that I can start my next project the restoration to going condition of our Yeramba.


I have also been building or rebuilding my own pub.

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That last bit is especially interesting, we could use a pub in the clubhouse too! Can you build another one after you finished? This way the PW guys come out of the basement and have a drink with the rest of the folk.

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Well the female PW can all come out here when I have finished





The last photo was taken in 1942 and is of a group from the 2/8th Armoured Regiment leaving after a quite ale.

The pub (Sugarloaf Creek Hotel) burnt down in 1962 after serving since 1864.

Light horsemen have had a quite ale here since the Boar War as its 10 miles from Pucka.

As far as the council permit goes its a $8.000 shed.


So when I'm open come and visit on the way to Pucka.


As for building a bigger club house I will come over if someone will pay just so that I can go to Salisbury and have fun in the mud.

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The PW guys are in the basement?? I thought they were in the closet, either way they should come out...:whistle:


Actually the PW guys are all lining the bar to preserve the holy objects of beer casks and spirit bottles from the evil influences of the dark side!! :):):)

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