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Luftwaffe 2 Barnes 0


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Talking to someone the other day - they told me site for the 2012 Olympics was the location for one of the bomb alleys ( where they lit bonfires to confuse the Luftwaffe) in WW2. Think I mentioned this in another post somewhere???


So you could be delayed a few more times mate!!!!

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It's a 1000 Kg. That's the thing they use to steam the explosive out (I think). Someone at work thought it was someone standing on the bomb.

1000Kg is 2000lb. So, although it's not as big as a Cookie, it is big enough.

I think this was the biggest bomb size. Presumably dropped by an He111.

There may be more snaps to come. The uxb people did a controlled explosion of the detonator on Friday. I came home the long way.....a small

irritant in the wider scheme of things.


My wife's dad used to know one of the uxb GCs from the post war period. They used to drive around in my f-i-l's cop car and this guy would point out new buildings which he knew had uxbs under them!!!! This was in south London.



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