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B17 flight options - a number to choose from so there is no excuse not to do it!


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B-17 Tour Information c/o http://www.aerovintage.com/b17news.htm


The Collings Foundation B-17G Nine-O-Nine, 44-83575 (N93012), is touring again. Tour dates with the B-17, B-24, B-25, and, new for 2008, a P-51C, for 2008 are posted. All four are scheduled in Southern California in early May, moving north in the state through the month and into mid-June, and then heading up to Oregon and points north.


The Commemorative (ex-Confederate) Air Force's B-17G Texas Raiders, 44-83872 (N7227C), remains in maintenance until further notice due to the B-17 Airworthiness Directive issued by the FAA (see below also). It may be back up in 2008!


The CAF's other B-17G, Sentimental Journey, 44-83514 (N9323Z), has dates starting at the end of May in New Mexico and then moving north into the Dakotas for June. The Arizona Wing's page shows the only Wing information posted for Sentimental Journey.


The Experimental Aircraft Association's B-17G Aluminum Overcast, 44-85740 (N5017N), has dates posted for its Spring 2008 tour. In begins May in California and moves north in Oregon and Washington in the latter part of the month. For June, it heads east with dates post in Utah and Colorado, and then Iowa.


The Liberty Foundation tours with this most recent B-17 restoration, Liberty Belle, B-17G 44-85734 (N390TH). Look for the airplane in Oklahoma in early May and then moving to Alabama and Georgia later in the month. Also slated to come to the UK this Summer.


The Yankee Air Force out of Willow Run, Michigan, operates the magnificent B-17G, 44-85829 (N3193G), Yankee Lady. The museum is still reeling from the devestating fire that destroyed the hangar facilities but fortunately spared both the B-17 and B-25. Plans are underway to rebuild. The B-17 has its 2008 schedule posted on the website, with appearances starting in May in New York and Michigan, and Pennsylvania.


New to the B-17 ride business is the Lone Star Flight Museum's Thunderbird, 44-85718 (N900RW), based at Galveston, Texas. They have started offering rides and have a schedule posted for appearances in Texas and Louisiana in the next few months.


Attached is my favourite image from Thunder Over Michigan 2005 c/o the camera work of my fellow ToM attendee Simon Morris.


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