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  1. Here in Marlborough, Wilts we were wartime hosts to the US Army's 347th Station Hospital between May of 1944 and May of 45, when it relocated to Chiseldon near Swindon for its last couple of months in the ETO. The 347th were essentially a stabilisation unit, with patients being flown directly from mainland Europe to nearby Ramsbury and Membury airfields before being conveyed by Ambulance to the hospital on the Common on the north side of the town. As a result, few of the 347th's patients stayed more than one night before being moved once more by ambulance, on to hospital trains at Marlbor
  2. I saw the Cletrac in the attached pics at Beltring on the Thursday but it had no support info with it and there was nobody around to ask questions of. Does anyone have the gen, as I have a bit of a fetish for them!! Looked like a lovely complete project. Have also attached a picture of an 83rd Sqdn example from the 437th TCG at RAF Ramsbury in 44/45 - for Mr Marriot's benefit!
  3. Hi Howard, I'm very impressed! The DT was a beast, but didn't have the charisma of the Jimmy. I look forward to hitching a ride on the next Operation Bolero....! I've always had a bit of a fetish for Jimmy shop vans and can't help snapping them when I see them. The best example I've seen was in Normandy in 2004 owned by French MV dealers Jeepest (as per image here) and used as a mobile shop for their spare parts sales - this one is super detailed in terms of fitments and correct transfers etc - I'll try and dig out the other detail shots I took and share them. Keep up the good work
  4. Aha, an early Gestetner duplicating machine and its trailer...... that would account for why the one at my junior school never moved from under the stairs in the four years I was there....I didn't realise they were that heavy?
  5. Chris McMillan will be well aware of this story, but here's my own small contribution to the CVRW accident stats for 1986, when I was a driver with 1st Troop of A Sqdn, Royal Yeomanry during Exercise Keystone, BAOR in October of that year. Neither the Commander (Shaun Collins, 1st Troop Sergeant waving in picture) or myself were hurt. Didn't have a gunner with us that exercise. Shaun had been rolled in a Fox a few years previously and had a lucky escape, hence he was always reminding me of their high C of G and cautioning me about terrain etc. In this instance, had I been more reck
  6. Here's a shot of an engine in a truck in Normandy in 2004. It was a workshop body in use a mobile shop for the vehicle and spares dealer Jeepest. It was a superb restoration such that I wonder why they would have painted it like this if it wasn't for the sake of authenticity?
  7. I have certainly seen it whilst going by in the train recently - I've been working in Chatham a lot in the last six months so can't say how recently it was that I last saw it but has to be within the last 3 months.
  8. A work colleague of mine has just sent me a picture of a field in West Germany ( formerly a US Army training facility but now just open fields and open to the public ), in which sit 24 x M47 Patton tanks slowly going to rack and ruin. They can be clearly seen on Google earth at location 52°52'8.66"N 7°26'13.59"E and in the attached images. The vehicles appear to have been wired up, possibly for some kind of laser firing training system? The nearest town is Sogel in Lower Saxony. Anyone know anything more?
  9. Eden Camp - Malton, North Yorks A shining example of the fact that something doesn't have to be good to pull in the punters. I was there about 5 years ago helping on a school visit and the place must have been entertaining 20 coach loads of kids as it ticked all the National Curriculum boxes. The exhibits were very, very poor, summed up by a poorly built Airfix Lancaster tied to a piece of string which was fixed to an unseen motor which, when a button was pressed, jerked the aircraft across a rockery pond - and all this in a genuine wartime POW camp building. For those who haven't
  10. Bonnet No 4130024....anyone still got it!!
  11. L4 - Ken Wakefield L6 x 2 in formation with Alamo Liaison Sqdn from San Antonio Texas, piloted by 437th TCG, 85th Sqdn veteran Tommie Thompson - a/c later destroyed killing B24 veteran pilot. P51 - Janie - with Maurice Hammond - uber thanks to brother Clive for this one! B17 - Yankee Lady - out of Willow Run B24 - Witchcraft - out of Willow Run C47 x 5 - 3 x G-AMPO/G-AMPY/G-AMSV/43-15211 x 2 AAC Westland Scout - hedge hopping on Salisbury plain whilst in the TA RAF C130 - crossed the north sea in the cockpit RAF VC10 - all the seats face backwards! RAF Tri-Star AWACS simulator - I br
  12. "You realise that if we don't get one of these suckers going, there's a chance we'll be issued a Champ" No Champs were hurt in the formulation of this post.
  13. Thanks NOS well worth knowing.
  14. Please can any wise soul out there let me know what the engine mount dimensions are to enable the construction of an engine rig for a CCKW engine as per the attached pic culled from the web? Many thanks in advance. Neil
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