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"Plains, Cranes & Automobiles"



It's raining, it's pouring, it's hailing

"No tracks allowed", the word was out,

Were May '08 Plains ailing?


Not a chance, they would advance

To gather all as planned

It's better wet, more filthy they get

They'll have the upper hand.


And so they came from far and wide

United in their mission

To have some fun, it must be done

No fashion exhibition!


Across the Plains they convoyed out

An awesome sight to see

Their pride and joy on full deploy

Impressive unity.


And that is what it's all about

Support, comraderie

If you should stall, you will not fall

We'll get you back for tea.


Chef Ives in charge behind the griddle

He would not let us starve

Gourmet stew and brekkie too

He don't do things by halves!


The Bustard Inn would be the place

To battle for a prize

Hit nine pins, the teams that wins

Welsh Warriors fantasize!


Awake, awake the morning breaks

Engines fired for action

Time to play, convoy away

Muddy satisfaction!


As all good things come to an end

Well done Tony & crew

A fabulous time, here's to '09

To you all, a big THANK YOU!




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A true master piece. Thank you for coming and making the weekend truly memorable. I speak for all the boys at Plain Military when I say, without you guys and gals this event would not be what it is. Heres to 2009 and many more to come.


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