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What do you do with your vehicle over the winter months?

Jessie The Jeep

What do you do with your vehicle over the winter months?  

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  1. 1. What do you do with your vehicle over the winter months?

    • 1) Continue running the vehicle
    • 2) Store the vehicle in hibernation until warmer weather arrives
    • 3) Something else

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I was wondering what other MV owners do with their vehicles over the winter months now that the chill has arrived and open sides and canvas roof seems less of a novelty.


I'm still driving my jeep, at about once a week, to keep all its joints from feeling the cold :lol: and because it's fun, 'though is gets a hose down once back home to remove any salt it may have collected.


If you store your vehicle unused over the winter, do you take any steps to see it will sleep through the winter chill ok until spring, ie draining any fluids, disconnecting batteries etc?




PS Tim(1) we know what you do to jeeps over the winter months and I don't believe that is the best way to care for them.

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Hi Steve.



Good point, mine is actually in rehab at the moment but if it wasn't then I would for sure be out and about. I don't think you can ever feel could driving a soft cab GMC as the adrenalin seems to keep you warm...plus that fact that you are stitting on top of the gear and transfer box!

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I am all for driving them all year round, hosed off then a tin of wd40 emptied liberally on her ,well greased on the joints and she's ready to roll next time out.


Screen down is great, goggles a must!


Well I'm inclined to agree there Steve, what I did with mine isn't really to be recommended :)

I would advise against anyone rolling a Jeep!!! :)

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Hello Steve,


I keep mine wrapped up inside, 8) but I still start them up every 2-3 weeks and run them up to normal temperature. I also move them about a bit so at least the drive train gets some use and the tyre's won't be always sat in the same position. If the weather is really good I do take them for a little run of 15-20 miles.

A good tip I once read, when the Green Goddess's were in storage their tyres were kept at 100psi to prevent them getting distorted and flat spotted.




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Hi all,

i usually try and take the jeep to work at least once a week, but this is not always possible. Usually over the christmas-January period i remove the battery to put on slow charge for as long as possible.



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