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4th Batallion K.O.Y.L.I. Vulcan and Overland trucks.

M Walters

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The signs are very neatly done, presumably by a professional signwriter, so there would seem to be an implication that their presence has been agreed, and possibly paid for, by the vehicle owners. The battalion was a TA unit, so possibly there is some formal connection between the unit and the vehicle owners?

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I believe in the 1920's period that lorries were hired to take the TA units to camp or on manouvres as this photo may be an example of a business hiring a vehicle out. There was a company at the time called Artillery Transport Co. who ran military pattern lorries, in particular I seem to recall they had some Karrier 6x4 lorries, I have seen photos of them on army exercises, with the company name on the canvas canopy.

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