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German bunker generator

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Hi all,

Visited a huge German bunker awhile ago, and saw the remains of an 8 cylinder in line generator engine, is there anyone who recognises it maybe? 

I googled for hours, but nothing that comes close, next time I'm there I will see if I can measure the bore and stroke.

Head and other parts were taken for scrap many years ago, guess this was too big!

The bunker, called "Diogenes" was one of 3 in Europe, and was a Luftwaffe air directory bunker, hundreds of people worked there in shifts 24-7.










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Ok, by accident, I found some more info, the seal with the BAL 457 stamped on the engine block, is a Luftwaffe Waffen Amt stamp, it means Bau Aufsichten der Luftwaffe, so Building Inspections of the Luftwaffe, now to see if I can find the 457.


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