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Pre WW 2 Vehicle Names Listing Version 8 as at 25/7/2023


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On D Day the 45th LCT (AVRE) Flotilla landed at Queen Red Beach Sector near Ouistreham (LCT947 was one)  all loaded with RE armoured vehicles.

One LCT that beached next to LCT 947 was loaded with:

Lobster Flailing Tank "Dunbar"  (Should have been 1st down the ramp)

Crab Flailing Tank  "Stornoway" (should have been 2nd down ramp)

Churchill  mine plough, possibly named Plough

A Boa-Carpet tank, fitted with two long forward facing arms fitted with Bangalore torpedoes and a large roll of logs and matting for ditch or beach repairs. This tank was also fitted with a Petard mortar. It was named "Barbarian"

A Churchill tank fitted with a Chespale spool loaded with chestnut matting, and named or called Bobbin.

together with many other vehicles.

"Dunbar" was hit before rolling down the ramp causing a blockage, then Stornoway was hit causing an explosion whilst attempting to push Dunbar down the ramp. 







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