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  1. I know, As is BEN CRUACHAN and BEN BECULAR two other names used by 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry. Cheers Kevin
  2. Yes we are. See attached. Behind is either BEN ALDER or BEN NEVIS all names used by 2nd Fife & Forfar Yeomanry. Cheers Kevin
  3. Hi Ex-boy, It has been established that BEN MACDHUI is a Sherman V of 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, 11th Armoured Division. Cheers Kevin
  4. Hi Rob, 1FFY is 8020 Cheers Kevin
  5. Hi Simon, Thank you for the confirmation of the mobilization number. I am not yet convinced that the circled area is 004? the first digit when enlarged looks like the letter U rather than 0. Good to see some movement on the Mk I Daimler. Any clues as to a release date? Cheers Kevin
  6. Does anyone by chance happen to know the mobilization number for 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry? Reason for the question is trying to identify the owners of the attached. Current theory is 3 RTR as possible mob is 0042 which is partially visible ? Any help or suggestions appreciated. The screenshot is from War Pictorial News No. 169 courtesy of the Imperial War Museum archives.CheersKevin
  7. Hi Dai, Never joined the services myself, but that is another story, just a son of a gunner. My late father finished as a WOII with 210 Battery, 104 LAD. He was like a fish out of water after 2 years boys service 26 years regular and 4 years TA. Modelling was not his thing not military stuff anyway. I like your kits, the dio is very impressive something I have never done due to space and number of kits and keeping the peace with 'er indoors. I just use that wall/gateway as a backdrop to photograph the models. All my models are WWII examples I could never get into early or post war stuff, space finances and a lack of knowledge/references being my excuse. I too have some of the kits you mention, the Scammell, Sherman ARV, Diamond T, even a couple of M31's ( Calbre 35 conv and the Takom kit ) somewhere. You asked about the tool boxes and tools. They come from various kits over the years, Italeri, Tamiya, AA, and lately MiniArt do a set with PE tools I also got a set from I think it was Passion Models which is another great PE set of tools. Cheers Kevin
  8. Hi Bill, Thanks for the confirmation of the date. Cheers Kevin
  9. Hi Noel, Thanks for the correction. Cheers Kevin
  10. Hi Bill?, Thank you for those they will go onto V7. If you want to give me your full name I will creit them to you. Cheers Kevin
  11. Hi Richard, Thank you for LUCOZADE I will get it added to V7. Cheers Kevin
  12. If you can see any errors or can add anything please let me know. Post WWII Vehicles Names V6 as at 1st July 2021.pdf
  13. If you can see any errors or can add anything please let me know. WWII Vehicle Names V6 as at 1st July 21.pdf
  14. Updated Pre WWII Tank and Vehicle Names Listing. If you can see any errors or can add anything please let me know. Pre WWII Vehicle Names V6 as at 1st July 2021.pdf
  15. Not sure if this is the correct forum but I have been sent this photo of what is said to be a WW2 photo of a tow cable from a Challenger. I have not seen one of these before. Can anyone confirm or have a clear image? Thanks for any help. Cheers Kevin
  16. Hi, Thanks for the additional crew names, I will add them to the crew name list against this tank. I am still searching for where I got Sgt. Tibbles name. I thought I had found Achilles in a film on the IWM film collection but it was from 2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry. I will check all the individual Cromwell photos but it think I have done that once already. I will try the British Pathe and Critical Past sites. If I find it I will let you know. The reason I chose Achilles from 1st Royal Tank Regiment is that I like to use names from my database and fancied something different from the options provided for the Airfix kit. As I don't have a photo as yet I cannot confirm that the location of the name on the front and the census number on the turret side are correct. Cheers Kevin
  17. Hi Unfortunately I don't have a photo either, at least I haven't come across one yet. If I come across one I will post a link to it. The only other piece of info I can add is that one of the crew was a Sgt. W. Tibbles. Cheers Kevin
  18. Hi Dennis, The Tamiya Archer is a nice kit and goes together well with no real issues. Good choice. Not sure if there is any photo etch for the Archer or not. Like you I too hand paint all of my models, all British / Commonwealth WW II and all in 1/35th scale. Keep modelling now you have started back up again. Cheers Kevin
  19. I was inspired to post these are seeing great work done by Cannuck on the old Tamiya Mk II Universal Carrier. These are the RIICH Models 1/35th scale Mk I, Ii and III, Airborne, .303 Vicker MG Carrier, 3" Mortar, Mk I and IIC WASP's as well as some Tamiya Carriers with RIICH Models track sets. Cheers Kevin
  20. Hi Cannuck, Really nice work. That is great work with the old Tamiya Universal Carrier. Have you tried any of the RIICH Models Carriers in the same 1/35th scale? They do a MK I, II and Airborne Mk III as well as a Vickers Machine Gun Carrier, a 3" Mortar Carrier and Mk I and IIC WASP's. They also do a set of tracks with running gear, drive sprockets that update the old Tamiya tracks and wheels. You have now inspired me to do the Mk I that I have had in the stash for a while. Cheers Kevin
  21. Thank you. A nice build despite its issues. Cheers Kevin
  22. Hi, Thank you. It was a fun build despite the various issues with details. Cheers Kevin
  23. This is T189511 ACHILLES A Sqn 5 Troop 1st Royal Tank Regiment, 22nd Armoured Brigade, 7th Armoured Division. In the end I went with the Hobby Boss individual track links which although a pain to complete had little or no clean up required as the Airfix had sink marks on all of the individual links and regular sink marks on the length pieces. None of the stowage has been secured down as I am not sure of the layout as yet. Despite the issues with the wheels and the turret the rest of the kit was a nice build with little or no other issues. Cheers Kevin
  24. This is the new Airfix 1/35th scale Cromwell Mk IV kit no. A1373. The road wheels were replaced with Sovereign 2000 Cromwell/Challenger ( damaged tyres ) kit no. S2KA013 as these have the correct number of wheel nuts 8 as opposed to 6 on the Airfix kit. I also replaced the majority of the turret and side plates from a Tamiya Cromwell, kit no. 35221, as these had the 4 bolts on the pistol port as oppose to none on the kit part. I also added a turret bin from the spares box. The tracks are the rubber flexible tracks, the kit gives the option of a choice of link and length too. I am undecided as to which to use yet as I also have a couple of sets of Hobby Boss Cromwell tracks, kit no. 81004, individual links. HB suggests 123 links per side where as Airfix has 121 on the link and length set but this is where the track rests on the top of the middle 3 wheels. All it needs now is some wiring to the spot light and side lights, the hawser adding ( no cord/twine provided in the kit ), aerials and possibly the cowling. Now to painting and marking. Despite the issues with the road wheels and pistol port to name a few it was all in all nice build with no fit issues at all even with Tamiya and Sovereign replaced parts. Hopefully Airfix will release other Cromwell/Centaur versions such as AA, ARV and dozer WITH CORRECTED PARTS – Airfix if you are listening. Cheers Kevin
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