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Army tents


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Yes, I heard last night abut the M0D talking abut Tentage being withdrawn 0ver health & Safety concern's!

Tents have been fine for MANY Years in service!...But suddenly, they are N0T 'Safe'!...... 

The 0pti0ns available are. Replacment with tent material that is suitable.

0r C0mplete new tent systems. 0r S0me kind 0f 'Pr00fing'.

Either way, 'S0ME0NE' stands T0 make a L0T 0f M0ney 0ut 0f this!...

Hark! is that the sound 0f Bleating. That the M0D havent got any Money?....

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This is genuine news, there's been an official notice put out tri-service that all Mk.1 and Mk.2 canvas tents are to be withdrawn as soon as practicably possible and swapped out with the Mk.3 and Mk.4 PVC tents due to the fabric no longer meeting the regulations on being fire retardant. Until such time as units get the replacement tents in they can continue to use them for activities provided they adhere to various stipulations such as not using them for housing troops unless absolutely no other means of doing so can be found, no single occupancy of tents if that is the case and unless the weather is gipping doors are to be kept open and fire extinguishers placed inside the tent, no mixing of canvas tent parts with PVC tent parts and so on.

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