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Sipke says Hi.


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My name is Sipke and living in the northern part of the Netherlands.
Collecting ww2 militaria for  about 20 years.
Mainly commonwealth.
The next step was to own  a ww2 vehicle and it had to be a Royal Enfield.
After a rather small search the lead  came from a good friend of mine on this RE.
Had some picures and all looked ok.
Numbers where correct.
Went over to have al look at it and checking it all out.
The engine was from the same contract as the frame was.
Contract number C/S 1546 was stamped into the engine.
Duplicate number is the same as on the frame, so they should be together since it left the factory for the civvi market.
Could well be the original engine from 1944 but who knows...
So after a good inspection all looked as a sound bike and i was the new owner.
i didn't really like the color so after i did it get it to run correctly (terrible dirty carburetor) i took it all apart and gave it a new color.
Some parts where not correct or straigt, so these were made by REWDCO.
The carrier has been straightened out, new battery carrier and a beautiful pillion seat.
Great craftmanship i have to say.
With a bit of luck it will be done next week.

Best regards,



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10 hours ago, welbike said:

Nice one!! hope the newest picture is the top one though.



Hi Lex
Yes the top one is how it is at the moment.
The blue one was how i bought it.
Not a terrible color blue, but it was never this way so i painted it how it would have been as it left the factory in those days.
The difference is that from the factory it would be spray painted, but i handpainted it.
I just like the handpainted looks more than spraypainted, but that is personally.

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Well, i got her done.
I am really pleased with how it turned out.
It ran rather ritch as the sparkplug was darker as the night.
After about 7 miles it just quit running.
The previous owner had a 170 mainjet installed instead of a 130 what it should be.
So took the carburetor all apart and replaced most of the internal parts.
Runs like a dream now.
Time to have some fun on the road.



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